AJers wanted for Friday webinar

Following is a message from Marty Rosenblatt:

We have four Remote Viewers, each providing two transcripts for predicting a binary Outcome for a randomly chosen Major League Baseball Game for this Friday: Seattle Mariners at Texas Rangers – 5:05pm PT (8:05pm ET), 9/14/2012

We are looking for as many Analyst/Judges (AJ) as care to join us.  Newbies are fine – we are all always learning.  You will learn about Analysis/Judging (AJ) and the variations that occur in the Group 1ARV context, and we will all learn if multiple AJers can increase the overall 67% Hit Rate (81 Hits, 40 Misses/Sidekicks, 53 Passes).  Last week, the AJers felt rushed, so this week we have modified the timing to permit you, the AJers, to have a full day with the RV transcripts.  Here is the schedule (PDT):

Thursday 9/13/2012:

  • 7:30am (PDT) – Receive two PDF files with the RV transcripts and IPS (Indicator PhotoSite) for each coordinate, and a link to the online “AJ Template” for entering your Targ Confidence Rankings (CR).  Each Template will be for your data, and I will organize/compile them into one spreadsheet before the Webinar for all AJers to see.

Friday 9/14/2012:

  • 6:30am (PDT)____ All AJ templates are completed by the AJers
  • 7:30am ____ Webinar starts – with a very short review of what I think I/we learned from last week
  • 7:45am until done  ____ We all discuss the compilation of CRs and Independent Game Outcome Predictions.
    ___________________Discussions are focused on bringing us as close as possible to the same CRs for the same transcript.  Currently, we expect differences of about 1 in CRs.  Our discussions will focus on the larger differences to better appreciate these variations.
  • Webinar Ends with a Final Group Prediction that is emailed to RVers and AJers.

If you are interested in AJing and can make the webinar, email me at:  marty@p-i-a.com. I will send you the AJ Template and answer any questions.

I will open the webinar 15 minutes early to permit time to logon with the following GoToMeeting Link.  If you have not used GoToMeeting before, please login early. https://www2.gotomeeting.com/join/468869667