ARV3 ranks 11th in Saturday’s Derby Wars $2500 Game

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Loraine Connon, Tom Atwater and T.W. “Stargirl” Fendley’s group entry, ARV3, finished in 11th place of 113 players in Saturday’s Derby Wars contest, earning double their $25 entry fee. Stargirl used Associative Remote Viewing to pick 8-1 longshot, Willa B. Awesome, in Race D and 5-2 Holladay Road in Race H. She hit winners in two of the four races she viewed.

On his individual contest entry, Tom picked a 20-1 longshot in Race F. Although My Summer Slew placed, the win/place payoff was higher than the winning horse’s, making it the ARV winner in our contest protocol. Several horses with Tom’s second-highest Targ CR scores won races — he was definitely in the zone!

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