Apr 072010

Race 2: 4th Race Aqueduct

This one was a no-brainer. #5 Cajun Jet was my only “A” logical contender, and he got the highest ARV Targ CR, a 5. Only issue was his price – 6-to-5.
But this time I truly had the best intuitive feeling about him – just a quiet, steady feeling, not the excited feeling I had about #2 in the first race.

2nd ARV choice (Targ CR 4.5) #10 was 55-1, but that did not dissuade me from my feeling. Nor did the logical fact that betting favorites doesn’t win these contests.
It just felt right to pick #5, so I did.

In the race, #5 broke slowly and stayed far back for a long while, usually fatal in such a short race (6 1/2 furlongs).
But he closed with a big rush in the stretch, and just did get up in the last jump to win by neck, paying $7.10 total to win and place.


I was truly exhilarated!

I knew then that this day was something special – because I was truly having FUN with it!

ARV Feedback

From here on I will show only ARV Feedback for WINNERS.

Obviously only the top sketch matches the photo (well, there was the gray building, and the wood at bottom) – but the top sketch was a GREAT match, the gray “sphere” is almost exactly what I saw, so I rated it the highest Targ CR.
And I was right 😉

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