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I qualified for the National Thoroughbred Racing Association’s National Handicapping Championship in January, in the April 3 NHCQualify.com contest, finishing 3rd of 200 entrants.

I used a Associated Remote Viewing technique together with intuitive knowing through listening to guidance, in combination with my logical horse race handicapping skills and experience, to successfully pick longshot horses – 2 winners and one place horse – that enabled me to qualify.

This manifestation was a direct result of my strong intent to combine logic and intuition to produce profitable manifestations, both for my own benefit and to teach others by example, and of my work in shifting my own vibration about winning, and allowing the universe to inspire my winning predictions.

My intent going forward is to win enough during the year to become the NHC Tour Points champion, and to win the NHC Tournament in January, winning both the $2 million bonus and the Eclipse Award as Handicapper of the Year.

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