Feb 172017

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Leslie R. had a personal hit predicting the odds-favorite horse would not finish in the money in Thursday’s Race 9 at Oaklawn Park. An independent judge gave her sessions a confidence ranking (CR) of 6 for Target 839475 (Side 2) and CR 5 for Target 246588 (Side 1), on the seven-point SRI/Targ scale. In the Winning Entanglement ARV protocol, the ideal is to have one coordinate with a strong match to each side. In this case, Leslie’s transcripts did just that, with one predicting Side 2 would actualize and the other predicting Side 1 would not actualize.

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Patsy P. also correctly predicted Side B (No) using one transcript and self-judging.

The FirstGroove Group had a Pass, with two predicting Side 1 (Yes), and one Pass in addition to the winning predictions.


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