Apr 052017
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Following is from Scott, WWCdinner Group Manager:


Last Sunday (April 2), the WWCdinner group made a prediction on the NBA basketball game, Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Lakers.  The group passed, but Snoopy’s transcript (above) helped us lean toward the winning side.

Snoopy turned in just one transcript, and I was the independent judge.  I thought it was worth at least a 5 on the Targ/SRI scale from 0 to 7. I gave him credit for:  people congregating, 20-40 people (statues) all in one spot, outdoors, structures, city, people are up high – elevated, rooftop people on top, grays, browns, city smells – not nature, flat surfaces, hard, smooth, concrete. The target image is titled “Man Selling Christian Icons Jerusalem”.

After the game, Snoopy followed the feedback link to do normal feedback through the website, where he viewed and commented on just the winning target. Snoopy views for multiple groups.

WWCdinner is still accepting new members. We have a Hit rate of about 70% over 138 trials. Our Pass rate is about 60%. If you want to join, write to me and copy Julie Beaman: beaman@me.com Between the two of us, you will be added soon.



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