DLTC Contest Overview


THESE STEPS ARE FOR DERBY LIST TRIPLE CROWN CONTEST PARTICIPANTS ONLY. For a general overview of the ARV process, see the ARV4fun Challenge Overview.


 After you have completed judging:             

STEP 1:   Find your Outcome Letter for the winning photosite              

  • Go to the Admin: Predictions and Actualization/Outcome Page on PRECOG10 .  If you have more than one prediction, check the coordinate to make sure you are looking at the right one.  Using the Jan. 30 WEBN Stakes as an example, I verify my coordinate–63202–by checking what’s entered to the left above the green box (circled in red below).                 
Screenshot WEBN coordinate OL

WEBN coordinate and Outcome Letter string

Find the Outcome Letter of the photosite you chose in the green box.  In our example, I judged the first photosite as a 5, which made it the highest Targ CR, so Outcome M is in the green box above.             

 STEP 2: Match the Outcome Letter to the horse’s name for that race              

  • Compare that Outcome Letter to the list of horses for that race, which is posted by race name on the Google Group Horse Racing page:  http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=r-jwDbwOOe5agojTBpSd4-A .  (Click on the race name at the PRECOG10 New Coordinate page to access the spreadsheet.)  For our example, it’s circled in red below.

Screenshot Horse Racing 

Click to enlarge image. 

If the race you want isn’t already displayed, choose it from the tabs at the bottom of the Google Horse Racing page (see WEBN example below).       

        Screenshot Horse Racing Tabs               

STEP 3: Determine your Alternate horse             

The DLTC contest requires an Alternate horse in case the Main scratches.  For instance, in our example, Outcome M corresponded to horse #13, Outclass, which scratched (not shown).           

  • Go back to the Admin/Predictions and Actualization/Outcomes Page.  At the end of the CR (Confidence Ranking) boxes, you will see a string of letters. (Usually this is on the far right, but with 13 horses, it wrapped to the line below.  It’s circled in blue in the first screenshot at the TOP of the page). 
    • In our example, these Outcome Letters are MBKDHIECGJAFL.  They are shown in the same order as the photosite numbers on the judging page: Photosite #1, the champagne bottle, is Outcome M; Photosite #2, the camera, is Outcome B; Photosite #3, the wood cube, is Outcome K; and so on.
  • Check the Targ CRs by looking at the numbers in the row of  boxes to the right of the coordinate number (in the example below, to the right of 632020).  The first is photosite #1, second photosite #2, and so on.  In our example, I gave photosite #2 the second-highest score. That’s Outcome B (see blue circle below), which is #2 In The Paint on the PRECOG10 Horse Racing page (see above).  Since my first choice scratched, it became my Main choice in the DLTC contest.  
  • My third-highest Targ CR is photosite #5 (circled in red below).  That’s Outcome G, which matches horse #7 , Kera’s Kitten, on the PRECOG10 Horse Racing page (shown above).  It became my Alt choice in the DLTC Contest (since my first choice scratched).

Screenshot Outcome Letters Step 3  

       Click to enlarge image.  


STEP 4: Enter your selections for the DLTC contest!           Select your horses’ names at the DLTC Contest website, Picks tab.            

 In the Points contest (right side of Picks page), your Main pick is your highest Targ CR from your judging (shown below circled in red); your Alt pick, which is only counted if the Main pick scratches, is your second-highest Targ CR (shown below circled in blue).   

  • In the ROI Contest, enter your bet by putting @$XXX by a horse’s name (shown below circled in orange).  
  • Press SUBMIT PICKS. 
  • Deadline is one hour before post time.

screenshot DLTC picks       





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