Tom Atwater


attwentieschastondance_dec2010_145x154pxTom Atwater’s focus at the Applied Precognition Project (APP) is designing and implementing the APP database, web pages and software. Tom’s dream is to create a successful protocol to combine database, logic and intuition in predicting outcomes for his beloved sport of horse racing. He is also both an ARVer and AJer.

Tom has been leading ARV groups for predicting horse races and sporting events since 2006; he was a finalist in the National Handicapping Championship of horse race handicapping in 2011, utilizing both logic and ARV. His previous career spanned software engineering/development, program/project management and proposal technical support for NASA contractors. Tom has a Ph.D. in physics from U. Minnesota, and loves lindy hop/swing dancing.

Tom believes that each of us is responsible for all that happens to ourselves, that there are no limits other than those self-imposed, that anything we are able to envision, the universe is able to deliver. Tom sees the world becoming a very different place in the next few years, as more and more discover the power and joy within ourselves. Tom’s interests include commercialization of ARV and related processes, group intuitive research, intentional communities of like-minded people, teaching and learning centers devoted to these ideas, exploration of non-traditional personal relationships, horse race handicapping, and most of all to having fun.

Tom took Physics-Intuition-Application’s Intuitive Investing remote viewing course in 2006, has successfully applied ARV techniques to horse race investing, and took the lead in bringing horse racing to P-I-A ARV in PRECOG10. Tom has been a horseplayer since he watched Majestic Prince win the 1969 Preakness, has been a member of several horse racing ownership partnerships, and looks forward to ARV boosting his bottom line 😉

Tom got his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in 1986 in cosmic rays/nuclear physics, then did software engineering, development and project management for defense and NASA contractors, most recently writing and acting as technical lead on government contract proposals. He is a member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and the American Physical Society.

Results from Application of ARV to Predicting Winners of Horse Races