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By Marty Rosenblatt

UCCWildCards (WC) are an integral part of the 1ARV protocol for two important long-term purposes:

  • Keep it interesting
  • Keep it meaningful

Question: Interesting and meaningful to … ?

Answer: Your conscious and sub-conscious minds.

I would like to summarize my view of “consciousness is the fundamental” to put the WC in context.

You experience your conscious moment (red) with your “conscious mind” – this is the fundamental relational definition between “you”, “consciousness”, and “mind”.  What then is a meaningful idea/definition of your sub-conscious mind?    Your sub-conscious mind is the complementary part of you that is submerged below (like the main part of an iceberg) the now conscious experience.  Using the UCC sketch and blowing up the now conscious moment, we have a representation of you and your sub-conscious mind, your sub:

YouSo in this model, you are your conscious moment plus your sub.  Your sub is everything in the above figure except the red conscious moment.  And yes, there is a fuzzy interface/boundary between your now and your sub.  This fuzzy boundary entangles your now with everything in the UCC to some degree  🙂  The strongly entangled stuff is shown as being in the square, for convenience, and this represents what you normally consider to be your self, You, living in the physical world.

Choice and Free Will enter through the fuzzy boundary as well since you know, from direct experience, that your now moments are quite dynamic when viewed through time.  And you know that you choose intentions in one now moment which influence other nows.  And these other nows can be forward in linear time or backwards in linear time…note the segway to precognition 🙂

Sorry for so much philosophy/physics, but it is important, I believe, to appreciate how grand you are, how responsible you are for all the nows that you experience.    Do you really believe this model and many others which basically say:

How much responsibility are you willing to take for each and every precognitive prediction?  We believe that keeping track of all your predictions provides the opportunity to learn how to improve your Hit rate and even more importantly, the opportunity to learn about your Self.

The WildCard – finally

The WildCard idea is important for long-term success.  After being successful for a while, everyone’s sub seems to become bored.  This reality goes back to the early days of J.B. Rhine at Duke University.  In fact, I believe he coined the word displacement and certainly observed it with the Zener-card tests.

We believe that other people choosing interesting Targets for you, the viewer, will work for a while, and has worked for a while in most ARV protocols.  But inevitably boredom sets in.  So, what is needed for the truly long-term?  We believe, for the long-term,

  • Viewers must remain so fully engaged that they can’t wait to do the next RV Session and the next FB Session, and
  • Viewers must fully integrate their RV and FB Sessions into their lives in a way that brings long-term positive meaning to them?

We believe the answer is: WildCard Targets where each viewer chooses Targets that are Interesting and Meaningful to him/her.

The key feature which I want to stress with the WildCard is that it has to be meaningful-important-engaging-interesting to both your conscious and sub-conscious mind.  I believe these are the elements which will increase the strength of entanglement between the RV and FB Sessions, leading to higher Hit Rates.

The strength of the entanglements varies in ways normally hidden within the sub-conscious mind.  For example, each of us is mysteriously entangled to all other selves as the recent Caldwell example with Nancy and Mia illustrated so well.  Note that there were high emotional levels in this example.  High emotion almost always includes meaningful-important-engaging-interesting.

I have a suggestion for the WC which I would like to implement next week.  For all the groups that I facilitate/admin I will provide one 1ARV prediction-tasking for all the groups.  The prediction will be for the Thursday Night NFL game.  I will want transcripts by Wednesday morning so I have time to AJ them all.  One  prediction will permit us all to discuss both the Group Target and your thoughts/feelings about your WC Target.

The WC approach I would like you to apply is the following – and then we can discuss it Friday after Tom’s meeting and via email.  Remember, Positive and Loving Feelings seem to Charge-Up the sub.

Before the RV and AJ Sessions:  Emotionally feel the Joy, the Fun, the Love of Being Conscious and Entangled with all that is.

  • Before the RV Session: Emotionally get to a confident place knowing that you are able to entangle with your future FB Target, whatever it is.  Isn’t Describe/Sketch my 123456 Target general enough.  How can the sub communicate with you otherwise.  WC are just another RV Session.
  • Before your WC FB Session:  Something like, “Hi Sub (replace with your word).  I am feeling really good right now and am open to you providing information in whatever form you wish.  I am listening and am ready to describe and sketch whatever you provide that you feel will be beneficial to us – yes us as an inseparable team within all that is.
    • Do your WC Session.  Examine, and look for meaning, in that transcript and your RV Transcript for the same WC coord.  Both of those transcripts are part of your “Open Session” with your sub.  What could be more meaningful!

WildCard Webinar Presentation April 2012


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