PRECOG10 Overview


PRECOG10, the online service Marty Rosenblatt developed, automates the Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) protocol.  It provides the tools you’ll need to begin developing  your intuitive skills by handicapping horse races in the ARV4fun Challenge.  PRECOG10 is now free for all who wish to use it.

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Here’s a quick overview of how you’ll use PRECOG10 to handicap horse races:

  1. Get a coordinate. Start by clicking to the  New Remote Viewing Session link.  On the new page that comes up, click the P10 Group Races and Events link. Write down the 6 digit number at top on your ARV sketch pad. That’s your coordinate.
  2. Select a race. All current races available for ARVing will be displayed (as is the coordinate again). Select the radio button next to the horse race you want to ARV for.  (If you want to see the names of the horses for this race, click the link on the name of the race. You might want to bookmark this link for future use.)
  3. Click the Save Your Coordinate and Return to Links Page button. The system saves your coordinate, and you are returned to the main PRECOG10 menu page.
  4. Do your viewing session. Label it with the coordinate, race name (as given in PRECOG10), today’s date, session begin & end time and time zone. Sketch your images and such as best you can, in accordance with whatever RV protocol you use.
  5. Do your self-judging. In PRECOG10, click Analyst/Judge Page. Enter your six-digit coordinate, then click Submit.  A page with links for photosites (i.e., Choices: 1,2,3…) that associates each outcome with a horse will appear.
    • As you view each of the photosites (Choices) associated with your coordinate, enter a Targ Confidence Ranking (CR) based on the transcript sketch from your remote viewing session.  Click the 0-7 Targ System link to see a description of the confidence ranking system developed by one of the first RVers, Russell Targ. Use it to refine your rating.
    • In the Notes field, you can enter anything you like. Many viewer/judges note what they see in terms of special interest regarding matches.
    • Optional: In the Notes, enter your Hit Confidence Feeling (HCF) and General Feeling (GF), each followed by a colon and separated by a space (e.g., HCF:5 GF:5); these will be used for future research.
    • Click Submit.
  6. The PRECOG10 system then sends you an email from address, with subject “PRECOG10 prediction for …” followed by the race name and your login ID. You can safely ignore this email if you want. FYI, here is some info about it: the email consists of a string like this: 1,tomath2o10,695921,S10116,3,2,4,2,2,,1,5,1,,,,,,FCEIDABGH,G,NHCFree12-1_RaceA; 20120218,|GF:7 HCF:7|,2/16/2012,12:09  The most important thing here is the “G” before the race name NHCFree12-1_RaceA; that is the “Outcome Letter” of the horse corresponding to the photo that you judged the best match by giving it your highest Targ CR – this is  your ARV predicted Outcome Letter for this race. (If this is Pass, that means either you had a tie for top Targ CR, or Top Targ CR was less than 3.5.) The long string in caps FCEIDABGH is the random association of Outcome Letters with photosites (in order 1,2,3…).
  7. To find the horse associated with your predicted outcome: in PRECOG10, click the Admin: Predictions and Actualization/Outcome link. You will see a list of races for which the outcomes are still pending (or for which you have not yet selected the actual outcome, as explained below).
  8. Look at the race in question. You will see a box that says Outcome G ->  is Prediction, where G is the Outcome Letter corresponding to your highest Targ CR.
  9. To see what horse corresponds to your predicted outcome letter, click the Possible Event Outcomes Link. At the far left is the column of Outcome Letters. Look in the row corresponding to your predicted outcome letter for your horse’s name and program number.
  10. Bet and watch the race, if  you can. After it is over, you can get race results here.
  11. After the race, to get your RV feedback photo that corresponds to the winning horse: in PRECOG10, click the Possible Event Outcomes Link again, unless  you are there already. Click the Possible Event Outcomes Link. to look up the Outcome Letter corresponding to the winner of the race. (Often Tom notes this info on this page and posts the photo.) On the PRECOG10 page, click the Select Actual Outcome dropdown, and select the Outcome Letter of the winning horse. Click PRESS BUTTON TO SAVE YOUR CHANGES.  (Note: it may take the system a few minutes to respond. It is done when you see the Save button again.)
  12. The PRECOG10 system e-mails you the feedback photo corresponding to the winner, from  address, with subject “Photosite Feedback for …” followed by your coordinate. The email notes whether you got a Hit, Miss or Pass. (Note: the system does not know about scratches; it incorrectly calls them Misses. The permanent database maintained by Tom Atwater removes this error.)
  13. Your job is to compare the feedback to your sketch transcript, celebrate the matches, and learn from your experience.

 Register by clicking here for PRECOG10.

Select the bottom field for new users that says Register For An Account.

(There may be a delay of a day or two before you get a response, this is a manual process.)