Jon Knowles


Jon KnowlesJon Knowles has been remote viewing for 12 years. He trained in TransDimensional Systems’ intensive program in 2000-2001 and became Training Coordinator in 2003. He has taken part in many ARV experiments and trials since 2003. He was a viewer and project manager in the Aurora Remote Viewing Group from 2005 to 2009.  Along with Don Walker, Jon introduced and explored Unitary ARV (see Facebook page), in which there is only one target (so as to avoid displacement from one target to another).  He has been taking part in the Applied Precognition Project for the last two years.  Jon maintains 120+ / One20+,  the most extensive set of remote viewing links (see web page – and separate page of Parapsychology links).

In his other life, Jon was born in Massachusetts (hence a Red Sox fan). He made a living as a teacher and medical transcriptionist, invented the ABCZ typing method (see web site) and sells content software based on ABCZ for Instant Text and Shorthand (two leading typing expanders). Jon likes to compose using Notion 4  – “modern classical” – also a Red Sox anthem, etc. (on youtube) but feels RV is more important and spends most of his day on it. Check out his Music Politics & Remote Viewing (MPRV) blog.


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