Learn ARV


Monroe Institute, VIRGINIA: March 22-28, 2014, June 7- 13, 2014 & Sept.20-26, 2014–Taught by Joseph McMoneagle. Remote Viewing is a workshop-based educational experience. TMI’s approach to remote viewing involves a team concept. We feel that it is through experiencing the whole of the remote-viewing process that one can realize one’s true nature. Prerequisite: None

Applied Precognition Workshop, LAS VEGAS: APP2014 Intro, June 23, 2014, featuring Joe McMoneagle, Dave Silverstein and Marty Rosenblatt; and  APP 2014, June 24-26, 2014, featuring F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater and Marty Rosenblatt, with webinar participation by Dr. James Spottiswoode. Webinar-only participation also available.