ARV4fun Challenge Overview


In the ARV4fun Challenge, we  use Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) to predict winners in races leading up to the Triple Crown (Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes).  The races are those chosen by the Derby List Triple Crown Contest, a bragging-rights-only handicapping contest.

The process for your Associative Remove Viewing (ARV) session can be broken into three major steps: 

  • Remote Viewing
    • Obtain the coordinate for each race from PRECOG10.
    • Do your cool down, giving yourself  a few moments to breath deeply and clear your mind.
    • Write down what you see with your “mind’s eye” as you connect with the photosite for the winning horse that’s associated with the coordinate for this race.  Sketch what you see.
  • Analysis/Judging (The steps on how to use PRECOG10 are described in detail on the PRECOG10 Overview page . )
    • Enter your coordinate and do a Confidence Ranking for each of the Choices, then “SAVE” it to complete the judging process. 
    • Post a copy of your transcript as a jpg file on the Google Group PRECOG10 page:  Please use the file naming convention:<event-name>_ <viewer-name>_<coordinate>.<file-suffix>.   The Upload File section is at the bottom of the page.  (If you do not have scanning capability, but do have fax, please fax to 818-337-2020.) 
  • Feedback
    • After you receive the e-mail with the race results, go back into PRECOG10 and enter the Actual Outcome letter on the Admin: Predictions and Actualization/Outcome Page, then click PRESS BUTTON TO SAVE YOUR CHANGES.  You’ll then receive an e-mail with the winning photosite to compare to the transcript of your viewing session. 
    • To learn more about the results of this and prior races, check out the tabs at the bottom of the Google Group Horse Racing page.  This page can be reached from the link showing the race’s name on PRECOG10 New Coordinate page. 

    Screenshot Horse Racing  

FOR DERBY LIST TRIPLE CROWN CONTEST PARTICIPANTS ONLY: If you are also participating in the Derby List Triple Crown Contest (you must have registered for this by midnight, Jan. 22) see the DLTC Contest Overview.