Skip Atwater & 40 years of Remote Viewing


IRVA ConferenceNext month, the International Remote Viewing Association Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada, salutes 40 Years of Remote Viewing— “This year we will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of remote viewing, commemorating the day in June 1972 when Hal Puthoff and Ingo Swann executed their remote viewing magnetometer experiment at the Stanford Research Institute.”

TMI’s director of technology and former president F. Holmes “Skip” Atwater will address the conference on the topic, “Quantum Mind Remote Viewing with Spatial Angle Modulation™

Prior to the conference, Skip will co-present a workshop led by Marty Rosenblatt on Group 1ARV Protocol, “… the latest advance in applying Remote Viewing skills to predict Future Outcomes.” According to Marty and Skip, “Spirit and consciousness are at the core of remote viewing, precognition and all other psi-related phenomena. This workshop offers the opportunity to explore personal spirit/consciousness in a team environment while doing applications.”

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