Deadline midnight Friday for Derby List Contest

You don’t have to participate in the Derby List Triple Crown Contest (DLTC Contest) to be part of the ARV4fun Challenge, but if you do want to play, the deadline to register is midnight Friday. 

For us to track ARVers’ statistics in that just-for-bragging rights handicapping contest, please let us know your DLTC Contest name.  If you want to share it with everyone, leave a comment by selecting the “Add comment” link at the upper right corner of this post.  We’ll keep it private if you send me an e-mail at  

Stay tuned to see how our ARV4fun Challenge people are doing in the first races this weekend!



  1. My contest name is HotLips. I thought I’d go with a horse race kind of name :-). Hope it’s not too confusing.

  2. Update — Now my contest name will be TWFendley — just to make it easier. Thanks to Terry at the Derby List Triple Crown Contest. 🙂

  3. Look for our contest names–tmaya2012 (T.W.’s) and tomath2o (Tom’s)–in the weekly rankings if you’re participating in the Derby List Triple Crown Contest.

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