“Displacement Can Be Your Friend” webinar now posted to You Tube

Want to know how Displacement Can be Your Friend? Check out this morning’s webinar hosted by Marty Rosenblatt :

Rosenblatt: “Group1ARV is an advanced form of Associative Remote Viewing.  The old fashioned Binary ARV approach suffered from Displacement, where an excellent description would be provided by the viewer of the wrong target … a target that the viewer would never see.

In this video, from a weekly free webinar, we describe the Group1ARV approach that permits displacement to assist the Analyst/Judge in providing a higher Hit Rate for precognitive predictions. We also discuss the latest Hit Rates, which are currently at 68% with odds against chance of 2835 to 1.

Since we publicly presented our goal of a 80% long-term Hit Rate at the IRVA (International Remote Viewing Association) Conference, our 5 groups have had a 79% success rate.”

More information concerning the Group 1ARV approach is at: www.1arv.com