Groovers’ session demonstrates WCP-4 protocol

The First Groove 1ARV Group correctly predicted a Hit with Under 41 points being the actualized side in the 9/16/2013 NFL game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cincinnati Bengals. An independent judge gave a confidence ranking (CR) of 5 to Under and 3 to Over 41 runs. Learn about the  Group 1ARV protocol at:

Here’s what the judge, Marty Rosenblatt, had to say about this session:


This prediction is a great example of how redundancy, early and active viewer participation, and fun are built into the WCP-4 [Wild Card Preview] protocol.  Here are the CRs from the 3 viewers who participated in this prediction:

The first line (viewer 1) is something we do not see very often – a triple confirmation!  I do not encourage BleedThroughs, but they happen.  I AJed the Transcript (Tr) and the BT, but the WCP is always AJed by the viewer in advance of the game.  {I don’t usually look, but this CR=6 is appropriate.}

Viewer 3 had an excellent double confirmation with both of his transcripts matching and thus providing independent redundancy-confirmation.  I believe redundancy, both at the individual level and across viewers is an important group prediction indicator.

Below are Viewer 1’s sketches and transcripts for both sides (286364 actualized and 968451 wildcard).

Click image to enlarge. 

286364 transcript:

  • Target contains elements of manmade, land, motion, airspace
  • Manmade is/has aspects of…
  • Large, heavy, pale yellow color, black horizontal stripe, cylindrical and rectangular shape, metallic, opposing portions which are two in number. Both portions have teeth like structure, metallic.  Manufacturing ambiance.
  • Air/space is/has aspects of…
  • Indoors, warm temperatures,  burning smell, banging sounds, grinding sounds, repetitive.
  • Land is/has aspects of…
  • Indoors, hard, smooth surface
  • Motion is/has aspects of…
  • Slow, mechanical, opposing, large

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968451 transcript:

  • Target contains elements of manmade, bio/organic, air/space, land
  • Bio/organic is/has aspects of…
  • Human, male, alone, adult. In crouching position, working ambiance, fun ambiance. Red and blue clothing.
  • Land is/has aspects of…
  • Scenic, park like, rolling hill side. Treed, many, in back ground, which are tall and  pointed.
  • Air/space is/has aspects of…
  • Outdoors, cool temperatures, quiet sounds, low light luminance
  • Manmade is/has aspects of…
  • Tool like, metallic,  tall, vertical, tubular, silver color, near human. Manmade has a square portion on top of tubular portion which is perforated, see through and wire like construction.