Lincoln claims two wins with ARV

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Lincoln used Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) to pick Mission Impazible as the winner of Saturday’s New Orleans Handicap and Malibu Pier in last week’s Santa Ana Stakes.  The races are part of the Public Handicapper contest.

In the Derby List Triple Crown (DLTC) contest, StarGirl (T.W. Fendley) nudged into tenth place in the Wagering contest with an ARV-inspired bet.  Although she judged matches between her sketch and photosites below the 3.5 Targ confidence ranking considered significant, she placed a 100 @ bet on her top picks, including longshot Twice the Appeal, winner of Saturday”s Sunland Derby.


  1. Interesting comments, Lincoln … It’s definitely true for me that images may be from other angles or that the sizes may be distorted from what is shown in the photosite. I’m always intrigued when the winner is my second- or third-highest CR. That tells me my sub is delivering, but I’m just not quite “getting it” with my analytical mind. I’m judging more sessions as passes lately, too, which may be an indicator of session quality. Don’t know. I guess time will tell. 🙂

  2. Funny these sessions look better now than when I did them. I have this thought that my A/Jing skills must be improving to pull winners from some of these sessions. The gray container – a.k.a. the AOL-mixing bowl – is the hat upside down? I got that immediately, absolutley! I discovered some time ago that upside down and backwards are common sketch elements so I look for them simultaneously with right side up and forwards in all A/Jing sessions. At the same time I’m concerned my session quality may be degrading (often meaning ever more general Gestalts) because I rely on improved A/Jing skills -red flag here. :>)

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