Loraine, Bob, Tom use ARV to choose winners

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Loraine Connon and Bob Shuman used Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) Feb. 5 to choose winners of races in the 2011 Derby List Triple Crown (DLTC) handicapping contest.  Loraine’s pick, Toby’s Corner, won the Whirlaway, and Bob’s horse, Twinspired, won the WEBN Stakes.  In the DLTC contest’s first-week standings, Tom Atwater tied with 13 others for second place in the Points contest (not using ARV) and Loraine (using ARV) ranked sixth in the Wagering contest.

Loraine finished the 17-week 2010 DLTC competition ranked seventh in the Wagering contest.  Her gutsy final wager and ARV success boosted her total ROI from 8,005 to 59,401.

On Feb. 5, Tom’s Cherokee Queen won Suwannee River in the Public Handicapper contest.  On Feb. 12, Tom’s pick, Rattlesnake Bridge , won the fifth race of the National Handicapping Championship qualifying contest.