Marty offers ARV training at TMI in May

The following article from The Monroe Institute’s e-newsletter describes two courses this May taught by our own Marty Rosenblatt.  Many of us got our start with Associative Remote Viewing at TMI or at Marty’s online courses.  If you’re just getting started or working to improve your ARV skills, take this opportunity to participate in the economic recovery!

INTUITIVE INVESTING: Using Your Sense to Invest Your Cents!

Do you havecoins an uncanny sense of knowing?  Are you successful in what you do?  Have others admired you and looked to you for guidance, leadership, and direction?  You may be a natural intuitive!  We are privileged and delighted to offer the opportunity to learn an eminently practical application for your innate abilities: a special application of what has become known as Associative Remote Viewing or ARV.

The Intuitive Investing Workshop is a 4-day experiential seminar that teaches you how to use Associative Remote Viewing as an intuitive forecasting strategy and then as an aide to investment decision-making. You will learn how to use this technique to invest in the stock and commodity futures markets on your own.  If you would rather have the support of professionals and are willing to be an active participant, you will learn how to become part of an investment club.

The Intuitive Investing Intensive is designed for those desiring an application-based program.  This is a highly active program requiring participation in procedures introduced in the Intuitive Investing Workshop and the Remote Viewing Practicum.  This is a nonstop, fast-paced group effort designed to maximize the effectiveness of intuitive investing while emphasizing individual responsibility for your own trades.  For each trade, you will make an individual prediction that will be used to generate a group consensus prediction.  The group prediction will be available to all participants; however, each participant will make his or her own trading decisions for his or her own personal profit/loss.

Register now for the MAY 14-17, 2010 Intuitive Investing Workshop!

Register now for the MAY 17-21, 2010 Intuitive Investing Intensive!

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