NJBR1111 chooses Germany; More WC predictions

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NJBR1111 used Associative Remote Viewing (ARV)  to correctly predict Germany’s win over Ghana in yesterday’s game.

The following ARV predictions were made for select World Cup games through Friday.  More predictions will be added as they are received.

  • Denmark vs. Japan
    • Loraine Connon, NJBR1111 and T.W. Fendley:  Tie
  • Cameroon vs. Netherlands
    • Loraine: Cameroon to win
    • NJBR1111 and T.W.:  Netherlands to win
  • Portugal vs. Brazil
    • NJBR1111: Brazil to win
    • T.W.:  Portugal to win
  • Chile vs. Spain
    • T.W.: Spain to win