New APP Groups collaborate with handicappers

The following is from Marty Rosenblatt:

APP Profile Pic PrecogerAPP has just added two new groups that use sports handicappers at their front end. Alex DiChiara brought the first handicapper approach to APP and introduced the idea in the context of sports wagering.

Alex defines his approach like this: ‘It’s very simple.  We collaborate with a Pro Gambler.  The PG, sends us a blind set of his picks, generally 5 “potentially” winning teams. We then simply RV the “optimum winner.”‘ 

Alex’s idea is to increase the probability of getting a Hit by using RV on a list that has already been filtered, by the handicapper/gambler, to maximize wagering profits.

This general approach has now been picked up by Alexis Poquiz, who started the “Stadiums Galore” APP group. Here are the stats since the two groups started last week under the APP umbrella:

___ Alex’s RV Wagering Team: 4 Hits and 1 Miss
___ Stadiums Galore: 3 Hits and 1 Miss

These are not statistically significant, and the stats on this approach are complex because most odds for the winning team are not at a 50% probability, plus we have the handicapper’s contribution to factor in.

However, the idea of combining handicapping and RVing is dynamite…for both sports and financial wagering! The details of this approach, with the latest stats and an analysis of how the RV precognition contributed to the overall Hit Rate will be discussed at the Applied Precognition Conference-Workshop-Webinar (with Joe McMoneagle and Dean Radin).

APP’s other Groups’ Hit rate for 217 two-choice ARV sports predictions over the past 20 months is 62%, which has odds versus chance of over 3,000 to 1. This means an 18% profit per dollar wagered for equal bets at average odds of 10-to-11, which is the case for most of our Over/Under picks.  At the conference, we will be comparing and discussing wagering success using the handicapping-RV versus the various direct-ARV approaches.