NHC2 – Preparation

This weekend is the 2nd of the 5 NHC Tier 1 “free” online contests, which some of us signed up for back in February.
It consists of 10 races, 5 Friday and 5 Saturday, which are Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby days.
The Pegasus ARV group will be ARVing these races.
This post is about my preparations for the contest.

Shifting My Vibration

After qualifying for the NHC on my own, as detailed in my previous blog posts here, I had something of a letdown.
I recently did not feel like I would do well in the upcoming contests, I didn’t feel I deserved to win, beat others, things like that.

So I decided last week to change that.
I have been working on my vibration, to shift it.
And I have been successful.

I feel now that this is just the right thing, the perfect unfolding.
I have the strong intent to make others aware of how intuition and logic can work together, how you can utilize your guidance in a structure way of you desire, but in any case you can create the outcomes you want. There is so much benefit people can get from learning this, and I feel my role is to be part of this by demonstrating how it works for me, through these contests.
So I feel good now about participating in the contests, the publicity my wins will generate, and how some people will be attracted to it, to get some benefit from it in this sense.


My specific intent with this weekend’s contest is to have fun, first of all – to enjoy the process, the learning more about myself, the joy of creating it, the listening to my guidance, and the appreciation for that.

I intend to pick at least 5 winners in the contest.
I intend to pick at least the 3 of the largest prices as my picks, where the largest prices are defined as the horses that pay the largest total to win and place.
(This is usually the winner, but not always – sometimes a longshot place horse pays more to place than the winner does to win and place combined. Note this is does NOT change our ARV intentions – that is always to get the photosite in email associated with the winning horse.)

I cannot control what the other contestants do; I can only create for myself what happens.
So I don’t know if this intent will result in me winning.

‘Coincidentally’, the following quote showed up in my inbox, just after I had the above realization:

When you manage to stay connected to your Energy stream, you always win. And you know what, somebody else doesn’t have to lose for you to win. There is always enough. — Abraham-Hicks

And that feels really right – my creation is up to ME, and no one else, there are no limits on what I can create.
Everyone CAN always win!

And I do know the feeling of winning is building inside me, how much I deserve that, both because of my intent to enlighten others I talked about above, and because I feel it is all coming together for me – my longtime logical handicapping skills, my intent to combine logical with intuitive in a structured way, my intent to have fun – and it just feels good!

So, I am now ready to create a fun, exciting, interesting and successful Derby/Oaks contest experience!


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