Rosenblatt: Non-locality hypothesis underlies both twin telepathy & remote viewing

ShiftMagazine22Marty Rosenblatt recently shared a link to an article by Dr. Diane H. Powell from the Institute of Noetic Sciences’ SHIFT magazine about Twin Telepathy and the Illusion of Separation: Despite substantial evidence validating psychic phenomena, the scientific community remains largely resistant. Enter the revolutionary phenomenon of telepathic communication between twins. Numerous cases have been accumulating since the late 1800s. If they can’t be explained through synchronicity or genetics, what other explanation could there be?

“I was especially taken with the hypothesis that non-locality could be a key ingredient for the similar life choices of twins separated at/near birth,” he said. “In our precognition work, we apply a similar hypothesis; namely, that one person can communicate non-locally with him/herself through time to share information.”

Noting that Dr. Powell greatly expanded the “genetics vs. environment” debate,  Rosenblatt added, “I hope some scientists will begin to listen to the large-scale implications of non-locality.”