Omega Group predicts 5/28 score “over” 185

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The Omega Group (formerly Dec2011 Group) correctly predicted a Hit with Over being the actualized side in the 5/28/2013 NBA game between Miami and Indiana, with 191 points scored.An independent judge gave a confidence ranking of 3 to Under and 4 to Over 185 points.

The judge, Marty Rosenblatt, said: “This Hit was quite unusual in that one transcript dominated and it was for the “other” coordinate!  The Wild Card Preview (WCP) and Bleed Through (BT) from the only transcript submitted by a newbie to the WCP, Staffan, was enough to get this Hit.  Consciousness can, and does, communicate enough to the AJer when the viewer’s consciousness wants that hit (^_^).”

Marty suggested the name “Omega Group:” “Omega is the last letter in the Greek alphabet . I envision Omega as being the future “telling” the present its secrets (^_^)   Just like when our FB Sessions entangle with our RV Sessions!”

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