Picto Group scores hit using simple drawings

An unmistakable session by Alexis Poquiz resulted in a hit in the Picto series. This new protocol uses a very simple drawing as a target and the session is a very simple drawing, with words optional. This trial was started as a result of a suggestion by Ingo Swann in his book, Natural ESP. The idea is to see if more accuracy can be achieved by harnessing what Swann called our inherent “pictolanguage” – basic shapes and outlines.

The MLB game was Colorado Rockies vs. Arizona Cardinals on Friday, Sep 13, 2013. The Over/Under was 9 runs. The final score was Col 7, Ari 5 = 12 runs, so the Over actualized. Alexis’ session matched the target for the Over.

This was a combined literal match (drawing of a hand and the word “hand”) and a symbolic match: Wolverine. Note that Wolverine’s extensions suggest the extended fingers of the hand in the target .