Tom & T.W. ARV winners; “beached” at the shore

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On Saturday, Tom Atwater used Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) to pick Jenny’s So Great in the Zadracarta Stakes, a Public Handicapper contest race.  Both Lincoln and T.W. Fendley were “beached” in Monmouth’s Survival at the Shore contest.  Lincoln forfeited by not submitting any entries Friday (Day 10), and T.W. had no winners in Sunday’s three races.  T.W. ranked 871st of 5,730.  By that point, 3,448 players had already been eliminated.  Overall, Lincoln picked eight first-place winners to T.W.’s four.  T.W.’s longshots earned $225.60 in 33 races to Lincoln’s $145.40 in 27 races.