Verve 34 predicts “over” 206 points in 11/30 game


Following provided by Pat McDonald (independent judge)

Cue: “If the total points scored at the National Basketball Association game played at San Antonio Spurs against visiting Houston Rockets on Saturday November 30th 2013 local time exceeds and is over the mid-point line solicited by for wagers immediately prior to the game then perceive, describe and sketch the picture Compressor-Stall.jpg at the time that picture was captured, which will be solely attached to feedback email sent to you on Sunday December 1st 2013 if the total points scored as judged fair by the Match Officials present, at that NBA game played at San Antonio Spurs on Saturday November 30th 2013 local time, is over and exceeds the mid-point line.”

Picture was taken at the MAKS 2011 air show, and shows an aborted take off by a prototype Russian T-50 air superiority fighter. Compare the balanced, focused jet exhaust on the port engine compared to the flaming out-of-control starboard jet.

Compressor stalls (too much fuel, not enough oxygen) while reheat is engaged are very dangerous at take off and landing, and I am happy to report the pilot survived and managed to brake the craft and stay on the ground and in one piece, albeit it on fire. Embarrassing for the manufacturers in front of a crowd of 200,000 people, though.

Hits by viewer:

  • Glyn – Red, white, segragated, metal, grey, machined, manmade, technical + rough cross sketch plus displaced tiered sketch (under displacement).
  • Loraine – Dsmoky, natural, alarm, cold, hard, dust clouds, blue, yellow, black, red, vehicle, open, public, heavy, people watch anxiously. Plus a sort of ascending asymmetric sketch, again a ball park sketch match. Smoky was a displaced match, but she did mention dust and dust clouds (which is what they really are) on the correct session, plus the other target did have an (unlit) chimney, so kind of to be expected with this particular IPS pairing.
  • Sonny – Drubber, exhaust like fireworks, triangle, white edges, chrome, seat. “Rubber” was displaced (not present on the Under IPS, definitely present on the Over) but rest of matches very good quality.

In fact, ALL the viewers supplied more quality data for the Over than the Under. 🙂

Not entirely sure what this raises Verve hit rate to, probably 65%, maybe 66%.

Mid-point line at was 205 points. Prediction was for 206 points scored or more. CRs were close but wagerable at 4.5 for Under and 5 for Over.

Three viewers submitted complete sessions for the task. In terms of quality data matches (SSS), the Over was better represented, with slightly more data as well in the middle order (sSS) category, too. Sketches, again the Over had more elements represented. Bleedthrough was close, but again the Under looked less likely to occur. Finally the most major element of the Under IPS was absent from all 3 of the Under sessions.

Verve 34          Under     375841        Over  595941

ssS                                               7                           D1

sSS                                            15                           D18

SSS                                         2D4                             8

Displaced (Bleed through)         2                            2

Sketches                                     DA                           AB