Week 4 results: ARV4fun Challenge

Photosite Robert B Lewis
Photosite Robert B Lewis
RobtBLewis Loraine
Loraine’s sketch

 Debra Lynne Katz posted her transcript for the winning horse, Rule, prior to the running of the Sam Davis Stakes in the fourth week of the ARV4fun Challenge.  Debra’s transcript      

Congratulations also to Loraine Connon for viewing the photosite for the winning horse, Caracortado, in Saturday’s Robert B. Lewis stakes.       

Tom Atwater also scored a hit with his selection of the photosite for Sidney’s Candy in Monday’s running of the San Vicente stakes.  Tom’s transcript     



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  1. Viewing the target photosite at a point in time when typical events are happening there often yields much more data than viewing at the time the photo was taken.

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