Laila & Karen share ARV hits!

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Oct 242019

Laila S.:

I haven’t seen anyone share their sessions in a while so I’ll get it started.  I’m particularly proud of this one since my cumulative hit rate hovers at a little over 50%! — Posted 10/10/19 to the APP Discussion Group

Karen C:

Following Laila’s lead, I’m sharing a recent session. In it I tried a different approach: I brought myself out of meditation as I was descending into slower brain waves but before my consciousness had dropped to the slowest, at which point “I” merges into something else (or maybe disappears; not sure). With the “I” of me almost but not completely gone I did my arv session. The elements I noted for both PhotoSites were equally strong. That’s the first time that has happened. (I’ve done about six arv sessions.) I had to get my analytical mind back in operation to decide if the weight I’d given the images was truly equal. I decided on PhotoSite 2, which turned out to be the winning side, because 1) I’d gotten the sketch right even though the shape was on its side, 2) I’d written “ice age” in my AOL column, 3) I’d noted “chill” for temperature, and 4) the aesthetic impact I’d noted was a good match–“I like watching, gazing; Lonely but I like it.”–Posted 10/20/19 to the APP Discussion Group


APP Fest 2019: See you in Vegas!

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Oct 012019

Flex your ARV & PK skills for fun, learning and potential profit!

APP Fest 2019

October 18-20

​Green Valley Ranch & Resort, Las Vegas (Henderson), NV

  • Workshop in a Geneva Suite
  • 6 sports predictions

Find out more and REGISTER here.


ARV: Winning examples

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Mar 022019

I haven’t posted any sessions in months, so here are a few winning examples — three posted by Laila S. to the APP Discussion list between July and January 2018 and one of T.W.’s from January 2019.

Click image to enlarge.


Nicole has personal hit on APPI group prediction

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Apr 252017

Nicole scored this personal hit last week while viewing with an APPI Precog Pro group.

The Applied Precognition Project Institute (APPI) is a nonprofit foundation that partners with people who have high, consistent and verified precognitive hit rates.

Click image to enlarge.


Snoopy scores personal hit on NBA basketball game

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Apr 052017
 Click image to enlarge.
Following is from Scott, WWCdinner Group Manager:


Last Sunday (April 2), the WWCdinner group made a prediction on the NBA basketball game, Memphis Grizzlies vs. Los Angeles Lakers.  The group passed, but Snoopy’s transcript (above) helped us lean toward the winning side.

Snoopy turned in just one transcript, and I was the independent judge.  I thought it was worth at least a 5 on the Targ/SRI scale from 0 to 7. I gave him credit for:  people congregating, 20-40 people (statues) all in one spot, outdoors, structures, city, people are up high – elevated, rooftop people on top, grays, browns, city smells – not nature, flat surfaces, hard, smooth, concrete. The target image is titled “Man Selling Christian Icons Jerusalem”.

After the game, Snoopy followed the feedback link to do normal feedback through the website, where he viewed and commented on just the winning target. Snoopy views for multiple groups.

WWCdinner is still accepting new members. We have a Hit rate of about 70% over 138 trials. Our Pass rate is about 60%. If you want to join, write to me and copy Julie Beaman: Between the two of us, you will be added soon.



Richard has personal hit ARVing Monday’s race

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Apr 032017

Richard Harwood had a personal hit Monday, correctly predicting the odds-favorite horse, GEE FORCE, would finish in the money (it Placed) in Race 8 at Turf Paradise racetrack. Richard self-judged his transcript, giving it a confidence ranking of 5 for Side 1 (Yes), compared to 0 for the other target.

After receiving the feedback, he commented: “Had a good lock on that target… thought I was looking at gold jewellery on a black back ground.”

FirstGroove had a Group Miss, with three other viewers selecting Side 2 (No).


APPI announces winners of Precog Pro Contest

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Nov 152016

appfestwinnersHENRY GILROY (center) earned $1,000 and an offer to join APPI (the Applied Precognition Project Institute) as the first-place winner of the first PRECOG PRO CONTEST. Out of 8 predictions at APP Fest 2016, he had 6 hits (hits minus misses). CHRISTINE UMHOLTZ earned $500 for her second-place win with 3 (net) hits, and JOYCE WAHLBERG (pictured below) claimed $250 with 1 (net) hit. Marty Rosenblatt (right), APPI president, presented the awards.


Joyce Wahlberg