David W. shares recent hits

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Feb 282021

David W. shared some recent winning transcripts with APP’s Financial group. The sketches and descriptors on the left side of each transcript are his preliminary work (submitted prior to the prediction), and the sketches and descriptors on the right half are feedback (completed after the outcome was known).

Fendley’s latest adult SFF features remote viewing

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Jan 052021
Methuselah’s Legacy is an adult science fiction novel by T.W. Fendley

What would you give to be young again?

Lilith Davidson has nothing to lose. Diagnosed with terminal cancer, her only hope for survival rests in an experimental longevity serum she herself helped to develop using an intuitive-based protocol known as remote viewing.

She never dreamed the treatment could be so wildly effective… nor did she expect its unusual side effect.

Now, as Lilith and the other eleven Methuselah Pioneers struggle to embrace the serum’s gift, powerful forces condemn their miracle cure as a violation of life’s natural order and threaten their lives. Will the treatment help humanity or tear society apart?

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Avaline J shares CR 6 hit!

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Oct 072020

APPFest 2020 – online conference Oct. 23-25

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Jul 252020

Flex your ARV skills for fun, learning and potential profit!

APP Fest 2020, Oct. 23-25, Zoom webinar conference

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Danilo shares July hits

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Jul 152020
Sage July 8, 2020 — Hit!
APPI 1 on July 6, 2020 — Hit! CR 4.43

Winning session by Marty R

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Jun 252020

Marty R. posted 6/24/20 on the APP Discussion List

“… my best RV session to date…by far. During the FeedBack Session I experienced great joy and wonder that I could do so well; however in the following days, I experienced doubts and some fear that my success would not continue…and guess what, I experienced non-hits. The transcript below shows that I can achieve great matches…but the challenge of consistency is my issue….I know that many of you have the same issue.”

Carl Mc, Shane S & T.W. share winning insights

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Jun 152020

Carl Mc. — published 6/14/20 on APP Discussion list

This is a quick 15 minutes ARV session that I did in Marty’s monthly APP Webinar. It is, of course, not an in-depth or professionally presented report that I would normally do for a RV or ARV session. For me, there is always something to learn. I’ve been remote viewing for one year now and will always find something new to help my viewing session. I personally don’t do ideograms. I’ve tried them many times but for me, I experience a smoother flow of information by meditating just before a session and on in-depth sessions, I go in and out of the sessions several times to collate data then write/sketch my findings. I have, however, come on in leaps and bounds since receiving professional training from Debra Lynne Katz.

Shane S. — published 6/13/20 on APP Discussion list

Hi Everyone, I thought that I would share my transcript below. If you read through it (if you can read my handwriting), there are definitely places where I wandered off target. However, the end result is pretty spot on.

I’ve only just started on my journey and I started from scratch. I had no previous experience, nor indications of aptitude prior. I would encourage those that are also beginning their journey to just keep going! Any skill takes time to develop and it is ultimately persistence rather than talent that is required to succeed.

One of the biggest things for me in the transcript below is in being comfortable that I wandered off target in places. I am somewhat of a perfectionist and it can be very hard to accept that there are elements that are incorrect. Understanding that it is normal for this to happen removes a lot of the associated angst. The mind spinning around in circles about what should have been or could have been or what could go wrong or will it be correct is counterproductive to the process.

I hope that this helps.

T.W. – published 6/13/20 on APP Discussion list

I’ve been working with the feeling/action ideograms, as Tom McNear taught at APP’s May 1-3 webinar conference. I’m still trying to get the wording right, but so far, so good, on the outcomes! What I loved about this session was how my subconscious interpreted the athletes’ movements as dance … but then again, I’m not a sports fan.

APP viewers share winning transcripts

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Jun 112020

Laila S. — posted March 2 to APP Discussion Group

I took a couple of months off from ARV and, upon to my return to it, am astounded at my last few sessions.  My first session after the break was a pass, immediately followed by a spectacular miss (displacement?), at least a score of 6, two more passes, then two spectacular hits.  Below, I share my wonderful hits. 

In session 594647, after my first ideogram on the far left, I wrote an AOL of “train,” followed by the thought of “potty,” which I wrote as “commode,” and then “rail” came to me, as in train track, so I decided to describe a train track with a few words and sketches.  As I think back to my viewing session, I recall feeling confident that it was a train track so after a couple of precepts to describe it I stopped viewing and went on to the next photo site.  Actually, I didn’t even want to see the next photo but I did anyway, just to confirm that photo site A was my target.  

In session 342025, although the number of precepts between photo site A & B were only 2 numbers apart, photo site B precepts had all capital letters (even though I misjudged a couple at the time).  My intuition leaned toward photo site B based on the juxtaposing textures, “fluffy” and “hard” in that I first thought the top of the tornado was a mass of cotton, or something fluffy.  Not having seen many pictures of tornados, it took me a minute to focus and realize what it was and, to me, clouds are fluffy!  I didn’t score my AOL of “car” but there might be one in the funnel.  So glad I’m not in tornado country!My note at the bottom of my transcript, next to EOS, depicts the photo site and is not an RV precept!  

Anonymous — posted 6/12/20 to APP Discussion Group

The following transcript with a Confidence Ranking of 6 was shared June 12 in the APP Discussion Group by a viewer who wished to remain anonymous.

Laila & Karen share ARV hits!

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Oct 242019

Laila S.:

I haven’t seen anyone share their sessions in a while so I’ll get it started.  I’m particularly proud of this one since my cumulative hit rate hovers at a little over 50%! — Posted 10/10/19 to the APP Discussion Group

Karen C:

Following Laila’s lead, I’m sharing a recent session. In it I tried a different approach: I brought myself out of meditation as I was descending into slower brain waves but before my consciousness had dropped to the slowest, at which point “I” merges into something else (or maybe disappears; not sure). With the “I” of me almost but not completely gone I did my arv session. The elements I noted for both PhotoSites were equally strong. That’s the first time that has happened. (I’ve done about six arv sessions.) I had to get my analytical mind back in operation to decide if the weight I’d given the images was truly equal. I decided on PhotoSite 2, which turned out to be the winning side, because 1) I’d gotten the sketch right even though the shape was on its side, 2) I’d written “ice age” in my AOL column, 3) I’d noted “chill” for temperature, and 4) the aesthetic impact I’d noted was a good match–“I like watching, gazing; Lonely but I like it.”–Posted 10/20/19 to the APP Discussion Group

APP Fest 2019: See you in Vegas!

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Oct 012019

Flex your ARV & PK skills for fun, learning and potential profit!

APP Fest 2019

October 18-20

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