Carl Mc shares CR5 hit

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Mar 022021

This is Carl Mc’s transcript showing the first steps of an analysis method with 50% weight given to the FIG (first-impression gestalt), as proposed by Joe McMoneagle and further explained by Tom McNear in a free APP webinar on May 6, 2020. Analysis Review Tool

Carl generally uses the dowsing method for his APPI group predictions.

Free webinar training Oct. 6-7: Qualifier for APP Expo!

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Oct 042016

APPlogo-red borderAssociative Remote Viewing (ARV) is a proven approach to predicting the future with odds much better than chance.  APPI is a new 501©3 educational foundation.  It’s objectives are to:

·       Educate people and society about precognition

·       Develop Professional Precogers who EARN $$$ applying their precog skills

APPI is sponsoring a Free Webinar for Newbies and Oldbies that will have YOU apply ARV to this Thursday Night’s NFL game (the same approach is used by our current Professional Precogers in Financial Markets.)  Key to our approach is easy online access and keeping statistics online.

 The Webinar, led by Marty Rosenblatt, will begin on Thursday morning PT with a prediction well before the game, and conclude in a second session on Friday morning PT for the very important FeedBack Session, discussions and a table showing how our APPI Professionals are doing so far…hint (very well).

Free Webinar:  Become a Precoger by Doing It!

Thursday (Oct 6) 9:00am PT to 11:00am PT (noon – 2pm ET)

Friday (Oct 7) 9:00am PT to 11:00am PT (noon – 2pm ET)

UPDATED 10/9: Training videos posted

FREE webinar: ARV for Newbies

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Jul 292016

The latest FREE training webinar is now available at APP’s website: ARV for Newbies and People Wanting a Refresher

Focus on WE (Winning Entanglements) Protocol!free-past-webinars/c1bra

This and 27 other webinar recordings are available for you at the link provided above. It is an incredible, very informative, section of the website and is absolutely FREE to all.

Full members of the Applied Precognition Project also have access to APP conference webinars and the “Talk With” series. Enjoy!!!

“Anything APP” webinar July 8

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Jul 042016

Six webinars & viewing package for $100!

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May 132016

Rosenblatt: “Precognition & Health” focus of May 5 webinar

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May 032016

Following is from Marty Rosenblatt:

Hi all,

NewLivingExpoIt’s good to be back from the New Living Expo…it was a blast to be with Shane, Jon, Julie and Elisa.  We even spent an evening with Ed May. We had a busy fun time and signed-up 96 new APP members interested in precognition.

 My presentation at the Expo was, “Remote Viewing the Future: A Practical Application”.  I introduced the idea of Precognition and Health there and would like to discuss that idea with any and all of you who are interested.  I will present what I presented at the Expo. (You Tube recording embedded 5/9/16)

Date:  Thursday, May 5

Time:  3:00pm PT (6pm ET, 10pm GMT)

 Keep Precogn


Anything APP webinar includes ARV for Beginners

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May 032016

For those who couldn’t make it to the April 27 webinar and wanted a quick lesson on ARV: Here’s the video.  

“Anything APP” webinars are always free and always open to any other topics, questions after formal agenda topics. 

Topic 1 – “ARV for Beginners: A Quick Learn-By-Doing”

Topic 2 – Previews – “Talk With Jeff Mishlove, Angela T. Smith, and Dean Radin

  •         Jeff Mishlove: The Consciousness Revolution, May 9
  •        Angela T. Smith: Catching the ‘Bad Guys’ with Remote Viewing – a Group Case History, May 16
  •        Dean Radin: Consciousness Research – the Brain and the Mind, June 6

Topic 3 – “Consciousness is FUNdamental: Precognition Health-Wealth-Wisdom” APP-2016 Update

Webinar 5/6 about new ARV Studio software

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May 022016

Following is from Igor Grgić

Hi all,

Thanks to Marty and his providing of APP’s GoToMeeting link, I’m announcing ARV Studio presentation/webinar, which will be this Friday, May 6, at noon PT (3:00 pm ET).
May 8 UPDATE: 
Here is the Youtube link: 

Or download from GoogleDrive: 

No matter if you are RV / ARV beginner or a very experienced RV / ARV practitioner, in this ARV Studio presentation you will find out, how this software can be used to:
– conduct blind remote viewing (RV) of practice photo target (from a pool of 1000 targets included)
– do your own Solo ARV trial and prediction (sport, financials, other) in Self-judging mode
– do your own Solo ARV trial and prediction (sport, financials, other) in a mode where you have someone else as Independent Judge
– do a ARV trial and prediction in a group mode where you task and manage N number of remote viewers
– do a solo prediction based on Sounds (sensory)
Learn about all other features such as: auto TRN generation, random target pairing algorithm (pool of 1000 targets), target non-repetitions, auto e-mail sending (tasking, prediction, feedback and outcome), auto ARV trial data keeping and more…
Inline image 1
When I will be demonstarting automatic email sending in Group ARV mode I will need several volunteers with their email addresses, so the software can send you demo tasking email etc. If you wish to volunteer, send me your email, so I can make preparations. Thanks. P.S. You will not have to do anything during the webinar, you’ll just receive few of demo emails.
Join if you can (there will be also recording available),
Thank You
Best regards
Igor Grgić