TALK WITH webinar with Ed May: “Precognition – The Only Form of Psi?”

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Apr 172016

Webinar: SUARV groups forming

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Mar 122016

 Strict Unitary ARV (SUARV) Webinar held March 11 on GoToMeeting. The presentation is about 45 minutes.
Topics covered: brief review of basics of binary ARV, what SUARV is, why try it, 1ARV, indicators for SUARV such as emotion or photosites, wording of taskings, examples from 2006 Aurora RV Group series with statistics, info about starting your own SUARV series, and option of casting your series as a scientific study (the last, courtesy of Debra Katz’s efforts!)
Several people expressed interest in being a viewer in an ARV series which uses just one target (which is what SUARV is).
A great deal of work has been done with binary ARV but very little with one-target ARV (SUARV). In one of the early (2006) series, we did have 9 hits in a row (which matches Russ Targ’s first silver futures series  🙂
If you would like to start a group to do a series, or be a viewer in one, please let me [Jon Knowles] know and we can discuss setting one up. The single target can be the emotions of some of the people involved or a regular ARV target like a single photo or event.
One of the best arrangements is probably one group manager and one (or three) viewers – it doesn’t require a large group.
— Jon Knowles:

Webinar: Group predicts Hillary won’t win

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Mar 082016

Russell Targ featured 3/7 in APP’s debut “Talk With” webinar

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Mar 052016

RealityofESPFollowing is from Marty Rosenblatt:

Hi all,

APP is starting a new series, called “Talk With”, which is intended to permit you to participate in conversations concerning the capabilities of your psyche, of your mind, of your consciousness, of your spirit.

Of course, some of these talks will involve precognition; however, we believe that communication with the future is part of a much bigger picture involving a communication channel with the “universe of collective consciousness” or “universal self” or “matrix of Ingo Swann” or “akashic records” or … This communication channel permits not only precognition,
but also remote viewing, remote healing, self-healing, psychokinesis (PK), and probably all other real paranormal phenomena.

For our first “Talk With,” Russell Targ has agreed to join us during a 90-minute GoToMeeting. The first half hour or so will focus on “The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities,” and then, let the dialogue begin! 🙂

Russell Targ – “The Reality of ESP: A Physicist’s Proof of Psychic Abilities”
Monday, March 7
Noon PT, 3:00 pm ET and 8:00 pm in London

The cost is $0.01 for paid-APP members, and $20 otherwise, using PayPal. Sign-up here. Once you are signed-up, a link will be emailed to you.

We hope you can join us,

Russ and Marty

Free! PJ Party 1/7: Magic, Miracles & Manifesting

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Jan 052016

Following from Debra Lynne Katz:

The International School of Clairvoyance cordially invites you to attend our complimentary….
Magic, Miracles & Manifesting for 2016 Pajama Power Party Webinar!
This THURSDAY Jan 7th, 6 pm PDT/9 pm EST
Via GotoWebinar
With 11 Special Guest Speakers leading 10 minute meditations (including Remote Viewing instructor Lori Williams!) and also author Sara Wiseman and Michelle Bulgatz and myself and many more!
Totally Free!
So far we have 150 attendee’s – let’s make it 1000~!
Here is write up page with webinar links! REGISTER NOW SO YOU DON’T FORGET
Hope you can all make it! Will be inspirational, healing, very fun and festive!
We’ll do meditations, visualizations, writing exercises, affirmation exercises, dancing even and  inspiring discussions, etc. to overcome obstacles to meeting goals, to get more active, empowered, focused, productive and happier and healthier and maybe even wealthier! Many speakers will share webcams, presentations, and there will be discussions/questions at the end.
(If you’d like to post anywhere such as your Facebook page or social media page, appreciate it! small size ad attached, then just add in the link.
Hope to see you all there!
*:x lovestruck
p.s., don’t forget to wear your p.j.’s!


Gallenberger, Rosenblatt team up for online PK/precog workshop March 6

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Jan 042016

APP webinar 12/17: Group Manager Secrets

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Dec 152015


Red curve is cumulative from beginning, Blue and Green curves are 10-day and 25-day wagerable (non-pass) moving averages.

Upcoming APP GoToMeeting Webinar: 
Group Manager ‘Secrets’ – Become a Group Manager 
with Scott Williams 

12/17 UPDATE: click here for the webinar recording

Showing multiple methods that APP General Managers (GMs) can use in forming new groups. For example, some people are only interested in doing one ARV Session rather than the standard two in WE…this can be easily done in APP and some people are already doing

Webinar focus: Syntropy, Consciousness & Feelings

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Dec 032015

Following is from Marty Rosenblatt:

SyntropyUlisse Di Corpo has agreed to give a follow-up webinar presentation to his previous talk about his book, “Syntropy: The Spirit of Love”.  This second talk in the series is: Syntropy, Consciousness and Feelings”

Feelings certainly influence the nature of our past memory…I wonder what Ulisse will say about the contribution of feelings to precognition, i.e., Future Memory!

The free webinar will be next Wednesday, December 9, at 9:00am PT (noon ET).

UPDATE: For those who couldn’t make the webinar.  Click HERE for the video.

Keep Precogn‘,

Marty and Ulisse