Jan 182010

Horse Racing at Laurel Park

A few days ago, my friend Tom Atwater mentioned a contest that sounds like a lot of fun–picking the winning horses in two races each week leading up the Triple Crown. The Derby List Triple Crown Contest attracts a lot of people like Tom who know their horses.  No actual money is bet, but you can track your success in two contests.  And it’s free.  The deadline to register for their contest is Jan. 22.

Which got me to thinking:  how well would someone do in this contest who doesn’t know beans about the sport of kings?  I’m the person you see at the track making $2 show bets.

Even if I don’t know much about racing, I have an ace-in-the-hole called Associative Remote Viewing.  ARV is a scientifically based protocol that helps you to more reliably access a dimension that isn’t bound by time and space.  So I can just go forward in time and view the winner.  It almost sounds like cheating doesn’t it?  But my mentor, Marty Rosenblatt, and others say it’s something anyone can learn to do, so I don’t feel too bad.

Which brings me to the ARV Challenge: Let’s get as many people involved using ARV as possible and see how we fare as a group.  Marty will provide training to those who need it and give us a month’s free access to the PRECOG10 database.  Tom will provide the horse sense and manage statistics.  I will blog about how we’re doing.  The rest is up to YOU!

You can sign up for the ARV Challenge any time between now and the Belmont Stakes in June.  To get started, please choose from the links below:

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