Mar 102014

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Cue 480963: “If the total points scored, as judged fair by the Match Officials present, at the National Basketball Association game played at Golden State Warriors against visiting Brooklyn Nets on Saturday February 22nd 2014 local time, does not exceed and is under the mid-point line solicited by for wagers immediately prior to the game then perceive, describe and sketch the picture Manual-Calipers.jpg at the time that picture was captured, which will be solely attached to feedback email sent to you on Sunday February 23rd 2014 if the total points scored, as judged fair by the Match Officials present, at that NBA game played at Golden State Warriors on Saturday February 22nd 2014 local time, is under and does not exceed the mid-point line.”

Nice result. Pretty clear majority of viewers for the Under, although Loraine did get a fair bit of data on the Over. This is quite usual, in that Loraine gets lots of hits on many target types… and in this particular case the Over IPS was a very cute hatted hamster of similar size to the calipers so it’s not really surprising.

The point is – the displacement (hits on the WRONG session) were pretty good at pointing out the false non-actualizing side. Plus the sketches of angles, diagonals, and metal seemed pretty conclusive to me.

Hits by viewer on the Under target (Dprefix is bleed through displaced);-

  • Ear3;- Mechanical Device, White, Diagonal, Blue, White, Metal, wide, irregular, handle, pan, DBlue. Blue returns on both sides. Not “wrong”, I think it’s just your style.
  • Journeygirl: Black white grey blue D Edge D Marker, D Position D Historical.
  • Loraine – DLong, DFlat, DAngular Symmetry, DHard, DSolid, DSlow Movement, Grey, Hard, Liquid Injecting upwards. Just as much displacement on the Over hits Loraine, and more good data on the Under, so don’t sweat it.
  • Sonny – Triangle Tapered Tip. “Face” and “Hand” are also hits, but I decided to count them as displacement on the Hamster pic as that too has a Face and Hands/Fingers. Only one hand present on the Under picture, I hope you can see why I scored that way.
  • Teresa – Slanted, downward, sharp, grey, metallic, silver, DBlue. Also NO HITS WHATSOEVER on the Over picture. 🙂

I think this is a very well balanced team, with viewers contributing a lot of affinities with different target types. Keep it up! Overall Verve success rate at 61.65%, 21 out of 34 live predictions. Personal Verve success rate at 67% and some lose change, 19 out of 28 live predictions. We’re doing good. 61% is the profit/loss border for Over Under Predictions.

CRS were 3.5 Over, 4 for Under, and

Matches, sketches and displacement all favour the Under.

Verve 44               Over 220109                      Under 480963

ssS                                             1                                            0

sSS                                     7D19                                    6D24

SSS (Best)                           2D4                                    3D6

Displaced (Bleed through)    9                                 9

Sketches   (C=Best)            DA                                   D2A

So closer than posted, with a CR for Over of 3.5 but still a higher CR for the actualized under at 4.0

Independent judge: Pat McDonald

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  1. I missed a couple of hits out of Lorraine’s data – smelled engines (oil) which was marked as an Olfactory and “teal green”. Now, I was under the impression “teal” meant pink. The reason was that a few years back I was on some kind of course, with a, for want of a better description, rather militant homosexual. He was very happy to refer to his pink rucksack as “teal” and green there wasn’t a lot of. “Light teal green” is actuallly new to my vocabulary.

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