Mar 102014

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Cue 215368: “If the total points scored, as judged fair by the Match Officials present, at the National Basketball Association game played at Miami Heat against visiting Orlando Magic on Saturday March 1st 2014 local time, exceeds and is over the mid-point line solicited by for wagers immediately prior to the game then perceive, describe and sketch the picture Inside-Yurt.jpg at the time that picture was captured, which will be solely attached to feedback email sent to you on Sunday March 2nd 2014 if the total points scored, as judged fair by the Match Officials present, at that NBA game played at Miami Heat on Saturday March 1st 2014 local time, is over and exceeds the mid-point line.”

Hits by viewer:

  • Ear3 – White, Green, butternut, Round, Oblong, basket like. Nice sketch. 🙂
  • Glyn – Straight, hard, horse, person/lifeform. The horse is a weak association ssS but yurts are regarded as being a Mongolian type of tent… zoom in to the left hand side to see the person/lifeform. Displaced round sketch. 🙂
  • Journeygirl – Round, tall, wooden, fabric, carpet, Green. Romans may well have had similar tents. Nice sketch. 🙂
  • Loraine –  Lines, curved edges at top, brown, yellow, green, white, beamed roof apex, wood – sketch definitely your style. 🙂
  • Sonny – Open, Vents, split, middle. Red, silver and pipe all displaced from the false non-actualizing side. 🙂

Line at is at 201. Prediction is for 202 or more total points scored. CRs are 4 for the Under, 4.9 for the Over.

In terms of matches, the data is fairly even, but the sketches favour the Over, and bleed through is very apparent on the Under matches.

Verve 45               Under 171824         Over 215368

ssS                                               D                             2

sSS                                        8D17                          22

SSS (Best)                                  2                             4

Displaced (Bleed through)        9                            0

Sketches (C=Best)                    2A                  DA2B

Independent judge: Pat McDonald

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  1. Few more I missed from Ear3;- “like a cushion”, “net-like”, “the main slant in the upper half”. Also “AOL Pot”.

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