Jun 162015

APPlogo-red borderHello Everyone

We are excited to let you know that we have met our goal of participants joining us in New Orleans for the 2015 APP Conference!  If you are not coming, in person,

and you still want to join…

there is another way…

Don’t miss out! 

Join our online LIVE Webinar…featuring Dean Radin, Joe Gallenberger, Joe McMoneagle, Ed May and Sonali Bhatt Marwaha, and Daryl Bem!  Not only will you be hearing about the latest cutting-edge research on precognition and your health, but how we all have the power to influence the outcomes of our own personal lives.  We would love to hear your input…there will be Q&A at the end of each presentation.  Register here.

If you or someone you know may be interested in participating in this exciting LIVE Webinar event please let them know…Just sit back, relax and enjoy in your own home…why not make a bowl of popcorn….we don’t even care if you’re in your PJ’s.

Any new membership, $50, will include access to the LIVE Webinar!

Keep Precogn’,

Michelle and Marty

  One Response to “Watch six webinars live from APP conference!”

  1. I just paid on the AppliedPrecog.com page for the webinar but I did not see an option for APP membership. Am I good to go (i.e., am I now an APP member)?

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