May 032016

For those who couldn’t make it to the April 27 webinar and wanted a quick lesson on ARV: Here’s the video.  

“Anything APP” webinars are always free and always open to any other topics, questions after formal agenda topics. 

Topic 1 – “ARV for Beginners: A Quick Learn-By-Doing”

Topic 2 – Previews – “Talk With Jeff Mishlove, Angela T. Smith, and Dean Radin

  •         Jeff Mishlove: The Consciousness Revolution, May 9
  •        Angela T. Smith: Catching the ‘Bad Guys’ with Remote Viewing – a Group Case History, May 16
  •        Dean Radin: Consciousness Research – the Brain and the Mind, June 6

Topic 3 – “Consciousness is FUNdamental: Precognition Health-Wealth-Wisdom” APP-2016 Update

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