May 032016

Following is from Marty Rosenblatt:

Hi all,

NewLivingExpoIt’s good to be back from the New Living Expo…it was a blast to be with Shane, Jon, Julie and Elisa.  We even spent an evening with Ed May. We had a busy fun time and signed-up 96 new APP members interested in precognition.

 My presentation at the Expo was, “Remote Viewing the Future: A Practical Application”.  I introduced the idea of Precognition and Health there and would like to discuss that idea with any and all of you who are interested.  I will present what I presented at the Expo. (You Tube recording embedded 5/9/16)

Date:  Thursday, May 5

Time:  3:00pm PT (6pm ET, 10pm GMT)

 Keep Precogn


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