Jun 112020

Laila S. — posted March 2 to APP Discussion Group

I took a couple of months off from ARV and, upon to my return to it, am astounded at my last few sessions.  My first session after the break was a pass, immediately followed by a spectacular miss (displacement?), at least a score of 6, two more passes, then two spectacular hits.  Below, I share my wonderful hits. 

In session 594647, after my first ideogram on the far left, I wrote an AOL of “train,” followed by the thought of “potty,” which I wrote as “commode,” and then “rail” came to me, as in train track, so I decided to describe a train track with a few words and sketches.  As I think back to my viewing session, I recall feeling confident that it was a train track so after a couple of precepts to describe it I stopped viewing and went on to the next photo site.  Actually, I didn’t even want to see the next photo but I did anyway, just to confirm that photo site A was my target.  

In session 342025, although the number of precepts between photo site A & B were only 2 numbers apart, photo site B precepts had all capital letters (even though I misjudged a couple at the time).  My intuition leaned toward photo site B based on the juxtaposing textures, “fluffy” and “hard” in that I first thought the top of the tornado was a mass of cotton, or something fluffy.  Not having seen many pictures of tornados, it took me a minute to focus and realize what it was and, to me, clouds are fluffy!  I didn’t score my AOL of “car” but there might be one in the funnel.  So glad I’m not in tornado country!My note at the bottom of my transcript, next to EOS, depicts the photo site and is not an RV precept!  

Anonymous — posted 6/12/20 to APP Discussion Group

The following transcript with a Confidence Ranking of 6 was shared June 12 in the APP Discussion Group by a viewer who wished to remain anonymous.

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