Marty Rosenblatt


Marty RosenblattMartys focus at Applied Precognition Project (APP) is to attract more people and groups to work with APP, and to act as Group Manager for several APP groups. He is both an Associative Remote Viewer (ARVer) and Analyst/Judge (AJer), applying the 1ARV protocol.

Marty is also President of Physics Intuition Applications, which he founded in 1998 to contribute to the understanding of the physics of intuition, remote viewing and consciousness, and to apply Remote Viewing (RV) to predicting stock market and sporting event outcomes. He writes the online magazine, “Connections Through Time.” Marty teaches financial and sports precognitive application workshops with other experienced experts from the Remote Viewing community, including Russell Targ, Skip Atwater, Stephan Schwartz and Paul Elder. Marty has a M.S. in physics from UCLA.

He has worked as a computational physicist and managed many projects in development and application of sophisticated computer programs for analyzing high-energy problems of interest to the Dept. of Defense and NASA, e.g. hypervelocity impact and nuclear weapons effects.

He was founder, CEO and senior staff scientist of PhysiComp Corp. (1994) and its Internet subsidiary. He designed, managed, and participated in eight Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) protocols leading to the establishment of an ARV investment club in October 2004.