Laila & Karen share ARV hits!

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Oct 242019

Laila S.:

I haven’t seen anyone share their sessions in a while so I’ll get it started.  I’m particularly proud of this one since my cumulative hit rate hovers at a little over 50%! — Posted 10/10/19 to the APP Discussion Group

Karen C:

Following Laila’s lead, I’m sharing a recent session. In it I tried a different approach: I brought myself out of meditation as I was descending into slower brain waves but before my consciousness had dropped to the slowest, at which point “I” merges into something else (or maybe disappears; not sure). With the “I” of me almost but not completely gone I did my arv session. The elements I noted for both PhotoSites were equally strong. That’s the first time that has happened. (I’ve done about six arv sessions.) I had to get my analytical mind back in operation to decide if the weight I’d given the images was truly equal. I decided on PhotoSite 2, which turned out to be the winning side, because 1) I’d gotten the sketch right even though the shape was on its side, 2) I’d written “ice age” in my AOL column, 3) I’d noted “chill” for temperature, and 4) the aesthetic impact I’d noted was a good match–“I like watching, gazing; Lonely but I like it.”–Posted 10/20/19 to the APP Discussion Group

APP Fest 2019: See you in Vegas!

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Oct 012019

Flex your ARV & PK skills for fun, learning and potential profit!

APP Fest 2019

October 18-20

​Green Valley Ranch & Resort, Las Vegas (Henderson), NV

  • Workshop in a Geneva Suite
  • 6 sports predictions

Find out more and REGISTER here.

APP 2019 conference: June 28-30 in Vegas!

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Mar 262019

Sean McNamara – “PK for Everyone: An Experience of Mind” (June 28)

Lori Williams– “Sensory ARV — Your Body is the Link!” (June 28)

Marla Frees – Accessing the Universe of Collective Consciousness (June 28)

Joe McMoneagle – “Bizarre events while remote viewing” (June 29)

Jeff Mishlove -“Fear of PSI” (June 29)

Steve Braude – “Poltergeists: What’s Going on?” (June 30)

Marty Rosenblatt -“Your Subconscious Mind and Entanglement Energy” (June 30)

Meet Lance Mungia, director of THIRD EYE SPIES!

Click here to register!

ARV: Winning examples

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Mar 022019

I haven’t posted any sessions in months, so here are a few winning examples — three posted by Laila S. to the APP Discussion list between July and January 2018 and one of T.W.’s from January 2019.

Click image to enlarge.

APP: ‘Team Golden’ predicts winners in 2018 Triple Crown races

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Jun 112018

Lory and David Golden — (I’ve dubbed them “Team Golden”) — used ARV to correctly predict the 2018 Triple Crown winners.  The three “jewels” of the Triple Crown in American thoroughbred racing are the Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. As part of the Applied Precognition Project’s FirstGroove horseracing group, Lory viewed for each race and David, her husband, judged Lory’s transcripts. The FirstGroove group’s predictions were posted to the APP prediction list prior to the races.

Click images to enlarge. Confidence rankings = CR

APP FirstGroove group predicts Belmont Stakes winner

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Jun 112018


On June 8, the APP FirstGroove group used ARV to predict that Justify would win the 2018 Belmont Stakes on Saturday, June 9. Five gave confidence rankings ranging from 3.5 to 5 for Side 1 (yes) when tasked with (yes or no): Will the odds-favorite horse JUSTIFY win the 2018 Belmont Stakes? A sixth prediction was a Pass.

The group also made a prediction June 8 based on the color of the horses’ saddle blankets, which are linked to their post positions at the starting gate. Lillian chose BLACK (#6 Gronkowski), the Place horse (second), and Patsy chose YELLOW (#4 Hofburg), the Show horse (third).

Congrats to all!

Journal of Scientific Exploration publishes paper on APP’s Project Firefly

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May 312018

An Ethnographical Assessment of Project Firefly:  

A Yearlong Endeavor to Create Wealth by Predicting FOREX Currency Moves with Associative Remote Viewing

By Debra Katz, Igor Grgić, and T. W. Fendley

Project Firefly Research Paper Link

Abstract—More than 60 remote viewers contributed 177 intuitive-based associative remote viewing (ARV) predictions over a 14-month period. These viewers comprised pre-established, self-organized groups cooperating under the rubric of “Project Firefly” (PFF), and were supervised by experienced ARV group managers operating under the umbrella of the Applied Precognition Project (APP), a for-profit organization exploring precognition and leveraging ARV methodology as an investment enhancement tool.

Based on predictions from the ARV sessions, PFF used the Kelly wagering strategy to guide trading on the Foreign Exchange (FOREX) currency market. Viewers performed under typical scientific protocols, including double-blind conditions, appropriate randomization, etc., using a variety of ARV application methodologies. Investors, many of whom were also participants (viewers and judges), pooled investment funds totaling $56,300 with the stated goal of “creating wealth aggressively.”

Rather than meeting that goal, however, most of the funds were lost over the course of the project. Beyond merely reporting on an extensive remote viewing experiment, the present study is an examination of what went wrong, providing lessons learned for further ARV research whether involving for-profit activities or basic research, as the principles are relevant to both. Associative remote viewing is a research paradigm that harkens back to early days in science where competent non-academic researchers can provide datapoints and breakthroughs in a field typically peopled solely by professional researchers.

Adapting a form of ethnographic study, we refer not only to the statistical results produced by the PFF effort, but also employ a mixed-methods qualitative approach to exploit the information and insights contributed by numerous participants about what happened, what worked, and what didn’t. This creates a reference we believe will be useful for those conducting future applied precognition projects involving multiple participants or groups. We feel that the insights gleaned from this study will improve both ARV experimental design and execution of research protocol, benefitting professional and amateur researchers alike in their future ARV experimen- tation.

Our thanks to the Journal of Scientific Exploration for publishing the paper and to our fellow participants from the Applied Precognition Project for their efforts.

Project Firefly Research Paper Link

Register now! Applied Precognition Project 2018 conference June 3-5

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Feb 222018


Lyn Buchanan – “Remote Influencing for Improving Your ARV: Use and Ethics of  RI” (June 3)

Steve Braude – “Ted Serios: Virtuosic Thought Photography” (June 3)

Joe McMoneagle – “My RVing of Mars, the Moon, Space and What Might Be Going On” (June 4)

Dean Radin – “Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe” (June 4)

Pam Coronado – “RV and the Impossible Case of Two Grannies Lost at Sea” (June 5)

Marty Rosenblatt – “Precognition/Retrocausality for Health-Wealth-Wisdom” (June 5)