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Nov 032015
APPlogo-red borderFollowing is from Marty Rosenblatt
APP-2016 will be back at the Green Valley Ranch Hotel and Casino.  New Orleans was great last year, but many missed the fun of predicting sporting events.  This year, for the first time at our conference-workshop-webinar, we are planning on predicting parlays.
Topic 1.  First Announcement of APP-2016
Precognition is one important aspect of Consciousness.  I will be presenting, as the second topic, a way of appreciating how fundamental consciousness really is.  The presentation of a “consciousness model” is non-technical, hopefully interesting, and the model connects up directly with ARV.
Topic 2.  Consciousness is Like a Circle Without a Boundary 🙂
I also hope others will add topics to this Anything APP webinar…just email me and I will add it to the agenda.
The webinar will start this Friday, November 6 at noon PT (3:00pm ET).  This will be recorded for those who can’t make it and will last no longer than 2 hours.

 Keep Precogin’ and I hope you can join us,


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Aug 272015

APPlogo-red borderFollowing is from Marty Rosenblatt:

Hi all,

As you know, APP pays a lot of attention to group and personal statistics.  Establishing applied precognition as a profession is one important reason for maintaining statistics.  A prerequisite to becoming a professional precoger should be, IMO, a demonstrated ability of a good reliable Hit Rate record.

APPI INC, the APP Institute, has just filed to become a 501(c)3 non-profit educational/charitable organization.  APPI will work to develop a place where precogers can get paid for their services.  Join us this Friday at the next “Anything APP” meeting to learn how your APP statistics could permit you to become a paid precog professional.

“Anything APP” will start at:

9 am PT (Noon ET, 4pm GMT) Friday, August 28.  The GoToMeeting Link is:

Please let me know of other agenda items you would like to discuss:

Current Agenda:

1. Become a Paid Precog Professional – APPI

2. Other