APP hit rate since 2003: over billion to 1 odds!

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Jul 052015
Following from Jon Knowles:
APPlogo-red borderMarty Rosenblatt gave a presentation on Applied Precognition Project statistics at the APP Conference/Workshop in New Orleans, June 22-25, 2015.

Our results from Forex trading during the APP Conference were 4 hits, 1 miss, 1 pass – an 80% hit rate. This meant a 25% increase in investment for those who put money into the pot.

About 30 viewers were submitting quick sessions, which were scored using the SRI/Targ scale by 4 to 5 judges who were not viewing. A strong preponderance on one side led to making a trade. As in previous years, we had a very high hit rate in New Orleans– perhaps it’s the “classroom effect”, which has often been observed.

The most startling statistic is that overall odds against chance for APP predictions since inception in 2003 are at 1.88 billion to 1. That’s right – over a billion to 1!

Overall the hit rate since 2003 is 57% when a sports bet or trade is made. To put that in perspective:First, betting houses in Las Vegas and elsewhere with access to all the statistical information you could want achieve maximum hit rates of 53-55%.

Second, APP welcomes all viewers and employs many methods. APP has not screened viewers, has not selected the best viewers and used only their sessions.

Also, APP has tried out many setups and methods – some work quite well and some don’t. APP is a wide-open, free-ranging group which enjoys experimenting!

Our hit rate since the last APP get-together in Las Vegas in 2014 was close to the long-term rate: 58% with odds against chance of 346 to 1. The reason that odds against chance are so much higher since 2003 is because of the huge number of events during those 12 years.

APP membership (free) since December 2012 has grown significantly – it stands at over 250. Most viewers do only 1 to 3 sessions per week in one or more of the 10 or so APP groups, and some view solo.  If you would like to join APP, email Michelle Bulgatz at:

To see Marty’s Powerpoint Presentation, download it at:


Jun 162015

APPlogo-red borderHello Everyone

We are excited to let you know that we have met our goal of participants joining us in New Orleans for the 2015 APP Conference!  If you are not coming, in person,

and you still want to join…

there is another way…

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Join our online LIVE Webinar…featuring Dean Radin, Joe Gallenberger, Joe McMoneagle, Ed May and Sonali Bhatt Marwaha, and Daryl Bem!  Not only will you be hearing about the latest cutting-edge research on precognition and your health, but how we all have the power to influence the outcomes of our own personal lives.  We would love to hear your input…there will be Q&A at the end of each presentation.  Register here.

If you or someone you know may be interested in participating in this exciting LIVE Webinar event please let them know…Just sit back, relax and enjoy in your own home…why not make a bowl of popcorn….we don’t even care if you’re in your PJ’s.

Any new membership, $50, will include access to the LIVE Webinar!

Keep Precogn’,

Michelle and Marty

Register now for June APP conference!

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May 202015

Join us in New Orleans!  

For the annual APP 2015 Conference 

Only 8 seats remaining!

APPlogo-red border



Integrating precognition into your life;  in particular, the important connections with health and wealth.

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