The fun begins: Get acquainted with PRECOG10

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Jan 202010


RVIS hagiaiso


RVIS - mosque sketch

RVer's sketch of photosite

When you take the ARV4fun Challenge, you’ll be part of a groundbreaking experiment that will help us find out what’s possible with Remote Viewing (RV).  Instead of using the intellect or the usual five senses, or even just guessing, you’ll be gathering information from distant targets using intuition to handicap horse races.      

Why do I say it’s experimental? For one thing, you’ll start using the RV protocol during Friday’s webinar after less than an hour’s training.  That’s a very brief introduction.  Heck, I’m still a newbie after taking an online course and a four-day workshop.  When the RV protocols were being developed more than thirty years ago during the Cold War, it often took years to fully train members of  a top-secret military cadre how to use RV to spy on the Russians, find hostages, locate downed planes and such.      

To be sure, what you’ll be doing with Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) is much different from the early RV protocols developed and tested at SRI (Stanford Reserach Institute) and later at Princeton University.  The fundamentals, though, are the same.  And proven.  This intuitive capability does exist, including the ability to gather information about targets that are distant in space and time, including the future.     

Which brings me to PRECOG10, the online service Marty Rosenblatt developed that automates the ARV protocol.  It provides the tools you’ll need to begin developing  your intuitive skills by handicapping horse races in the ARV4fun Challenge.   To help ease your learning experience, register now for your one month’s FREE access  (normally $100 per year) and take a look around.    

Here’s a quick overview of how you’ll use PRECOG10 to handicap horse races:    

  1. Start by going to the  New Remote Viewing Session link.  Select the radio button by the horse race.  You’ll get a page with a six-digit number at the top.  That’s your coordinate.  Be sure to hit “save” at the bottom of the page. 
  2. After you do the viewing session (you’ll learn how to do this at the webinar), return to PRECOG10.  Choose the Analyst/Judge Page and enter your six-digit coordinate.  A page with links for photosites (Choices) for each horse will appear.  
    • As you view each of the photosites (Choices) associated with your coordinate, you will enter a Confidence Ranking (CR) based on the transcript and sketch from your remote viewing session.  The page provides a link to the 0-7 Targ scale, a confidence ranking system developed by one of the first RVers, Russell Targ.
  3. After the race, Tom Atwater will e-mail you the race results with an outcome letter (A, B, C …)  that’s associated with the photosite for the winning horse.
  4. You’ll use PRECOG10’s Admin: Predictions and Actualization/Outcome section to choose the outcome letter of the winning horse’s photosite from a drop-down box under Select Actual Outcome.  The outcome letter associated with the photosite you chose earlier on the Analyst/Judge Page  is already shown on the Admin page as a prediction for that coordinate. 
  5. When you press the Save Changes button at the bottom of the Admin page, the result (Hit, Miss or Pass) will be automatically recorded in your My Stats section, which archives all the information associated with that viewing.  Tom also keeps records for the horse races separately.  (My Stats can include your predictions for the lottery and other things.) 
  6.  Marty Rosenblatt will e-mail a picture of the photosite associated with the winning horse for your Feedback session.  This is an opportunity to review the transcript of your viewing session once again.  Chances are good that now you’ll find that you “saw” more than you realized.

Register by clicking here for PRECOG10.     

Select the bottom field for new users that says Register For An Account.

Take the ARV Challenge — for the fun of it!

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Jan 182010

Horse Racing at Laurel Park

A few days ago, my friend Tom Atwater mentioned a contest that sounds like a lot of fun–picking the winning horses in two races each week leading up the Triple Crown. The Derby List Triple Crown Contest attracts a lot of people like Tom who know their horses.  No actual money is bet, but you can track your success in two contests.  And it’s free.  The deadline to register for their contest is Jan. 22.

Which got me to thinking:  how well would someone do in this contest who doesn’t know beans about the sport of kings?  I’m the person you see at the track making $2 show bets.

Even if I don’t know much about racing, I have an ace-in-the-hole called Associative Remote Viewing.  ARV is a scientifically based protocol that helps you to more reliably access a dimension that isn’t bound by time and space.  So I can just go forward in time and view the winner.  It almost sounds like cheating doesn’t it?  But my mentor, Marty Rosenblatt, and others say it’s something anyone can learn to do, so I don’t feel too bad.

Which brings me to the ARV Challenge: Let’s get as many people involved using ARV as possible and see how we fare as a group.  Marty will provide training to those who need it and give us a month’s free access to the PRECOG10 database.  Tom will provide the horse sense and manage statistics.  I will blog about how we’re doing.  The rest is up to YOU!

You can sign up for the ARV Challenge any time between now and the Belmont Stakes in June.  To get started, please choose from the links below: