Joe McMoneagle’s transcripts from ARV sessions

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Jul 012014

Following from Marty Rosenblatt

There were many excellent transcripts provided at the Intro and Advanced APP workshops last week in Las Vegas. Joe McMoneagle was kind enough to give permission to use his transcripts. He provided a transcript using a standard binary ARV protocol. This was AJed (Analyzed/Judged) by another person. Some of us wagered on the baseball game and won money ­čÖé

Also, Joe heard about the Winning Entanglements (WE) protocol for the first time. He had many questions and there was not enough time to answer them all. ┬áNevertheless, he was able to provide a terrific transcript for 294134 that was clearly associated with the “Other Side” Target. In WE, there are two coordinates: one for the Winning Side and one for the Other Side. Knowing the Other Side Over/Under association clearly implies the Winning Side association, and some of us wagered on this baseball game and won money ­čÖé

Here is Joe’s binary ARV transcript and the Associated Target.

Here is Joe’s Winning Entanglements (WE) transcript and the Associated Target – the Other Target.

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Winning Entanglement data shows early hits

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Jan 292014

Following is from Marty Rosenblatt:

The first Winning Entanglement (WE) online prediction was done on 12/26/2013, so there is not a lot of data in any of the six groups involved.  However, we can look at all the data in a preliminary way.  I am continuing to develop tables and graphs for the groups and individuals.  The individual data will be kept private, unless released by the viewer. Here are a table and graph showing all the group results from WE so far:

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┬áThe CR columns will be populated for the individual viewers, along with links to their comments, but a group CR is not part of my group prediction approach.┬á The cumulative WE group Hit Rate (HR) data is plotted next.┬á We started with 5 Hits and 7 Passes before getting 1 Miss and then another Hit.┬á (The red Hit Rate curve does not show at 100%.) ┬áThese are very early and not statistically significant results … yet ­čÖé