APP Fest 2017: Very-early bird pricing ends Aug. 6!

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Aug 032017

Act now for ‘VERY EARLY BIRD’ pricing for APP Fest 2017!

 >>> Just $300* for paid members!!! <<<

$350* for non-members (includes membership)

*Save $145 off full price

 Deadline: Sunday, August 6!

 Flex your RV/ARV skills for fun, learning and potential profit!

  • 10 sports predictions 

 APP Fest 2017

Starts: October 19 at 8:30 am

Ends: October 22 at 1:00 pm

Green Valley Ranch & Resort

Las Vegas (Henderson), NV

Workshop in a Geneva Suite


Applied Precognition Project 2017 conference June 22-25 in Las Vegas

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Feb 022017



Speakers will include:

  • Tom Campbell – Retrocausality and My Big TOE (Theory of Everything)
    Joe McMoneagle – Wisdom about Money/Wealth from 40+ Years of Remote Viewing
    Lyn Buchanan – A Remote Viewing Self-Healing Tool
    Steve Braude – Taking Macro PK Seriously
    John Herlosky – Analysis/Judging Using Independent or Self-Judging
    Marty Rosenblatt – Personal Creativity for Health-Wealth-Wisdom
  • Dean Radin – Science and Real ‘Magic’ – (webinar only)
  • Nancy Smith – Dreaming ARV Project – Results and What We Learned” (webinar only)

To register or for more information, go to:


Take your remote viewing to the next level with APPI at APP Fest 2016!

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Oct 302016

  • Great speakers!
  • 8 sports predictions! &
  • Chance to win $1,000 in the PRECOG PRO CONTEST!
WHEN: 3:30 p.m., Nov. 10, to 1 p.m., Nov. 13
WHERE: Green Valley Ranch Resort, Las Vegas (Henderson), NV, in a Geneva Suite
WHO: Attendance is limited to 25 participants. Experience with ARV (Associative Remote Viewing) or RV (Remote Viewing) is required. It’s not too late to get free online training, which qualifies you to attend! 
COST: $345 for paid APP members; $395 for nonmembers
For more information or to register, visit
I hope you’ll join us.
Keep Precogin’,
President, APP and APPI

Free webinar training Oct. 6-7: Qualifier for APP Expo!

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Oct 042016

APPlogo-red borderAssociative Remote Viewing (ARV) is a proven approach to predicting the future with odds much better than chance.  APPI is a new 501©3 educational foundation.  It’s objectives are to:

·       Educate people and society about precognition

·       Develop Professional Precogers who EARN $$$ applying their precog skills

APPI is sponsoring a Free Webinar for Newbies and Oldbies that will have YOU apply ARV to this Thursday Night’s NFL game (the same approach is used by our current Professional Precogers in Financial Markets.)  Key to our approach is easy online access and keeping statistics online.

 The Webinar, led by Marty Rosenblatt, will begin on Thursday morning PT with a prediction well before the game, and conclude in a second session on Friday morning PT for the very important FeedBack Session, discussions and a table showing how our APPI Professionals are doing so far…hint (very well).

Free Webinar:  Become a Precoger by Doing It!

Thursday (Oct 6) 9:00am PT to 11:00am PT (noon – 2pm ET)

Friday (Oct 7) 9:00am PT to 11:00am PT (noon – 2pm ET)

UPDATED 10/9: Training videos posted


FREE webinar: ARV for Newbies

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Jul 292016

The latest FREE training webinar is now available at APP’s website: ARV for Newbies and People Wanting a Refresher

Focus on WE (Winning Entanglements) Protocol!free-past-webinars/c1bra

This and 27 other webinar recordings are available for you at the link provided above. It is an incredible, very informative, section of the website and is absolutely FREE to all.

Full members of the Applied Precognition Project also have access to APP conference webinars and the “Talk With” series. Enjoy!!!


“Anything APP” webinar July 8

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Jul 042016

Learn Fusion RV – intro to CRV & ERV!

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Jun 302016

angelaTsmithLearn remote viewing from Dr. Angela Thompson Smith in suburban St. Louis, Mo.:

  • One-day class: Controlled Remote Viewing (Aug. 26): $200
  • One-day class: Extended Remote Viewing (Aug. 27): $200
  • Three-day Fusion RV—CRV, ERV and applications (Aug. 26-28): $525 ($600 after July 15)

You can pay half when you register, with full payment by Aug. 1 for the early-bird discount. All students must register and pay prior to the start of the class.

MindwiseLogoLearn more at or email Angela at Hurry – class size limited to 10!

Register at; send your payment to: Angela T Smith or checks to: Angela T Smith, 509 5th Street, Boulder City, NV 89005