May 142013

APP Following is a message from Marty Rosenblatt:

We are about one month away from our first APP Applied Precognition Conference Workshop Webinar. With data now from 12 precog groups, we are looking forward to sharing what we are learning about applying precognition.  Joe McMoneagle and Dean Radin have a great deal to teach all of us about precognition.  This will be a unique, important and fun conference-workshop-webinar.

APP, as per its mission statement, will share the results of our precognition work, including the details of the stats, by group and technique.  Those coming to the workshop will be able to apply our most promising approach, 1ARV with a Wild Card (^_^) while enjoying themselves with others who appreciate the personal and societal potential of applying precognition.

The full agenda includes important formal conference presentations that will be available, live, to workshop and webinar participants.


  • Chris: “Overview of APP”
  • Joe: “Precognition: what does it actually mean?”
  • Joe: “Precognitive Work That I Have Done”
  • Joe and Marty: “The Great Debate: Computer vs. Human AJing”
  • Joe and Marty: “Consciousness and Time”
  • Joe and Marty: Displacement
  • Nancy: “Wild Card Preview” (highest ranking APP approach, which will be taught and used at the webinar)
  • Dean: “Scientific Evidence for Precognition and Presentiment”
  • Joe and Marty: Improving Precognitive ARV: How good can it get?
  • Tom: “Data Under the APP Umbrella” (including stat specifics)
  • Jon: “Analysis/Judging Comparisons of Sketches from Sinclair’s “Mental Radio” to APP”
  • Marty: “Wagering with an Extra Edge”
  • Alexis: “Computer-Assisted Judging for ARV: Stadiums Galore Example”

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