Hot Lips and Lincoln score ARV hits

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Joanie “Hot Lips” Sullivan and Lincoln used Associative Remote Viewing (ARV) Saturday to pick winning horses.  Hot Lips chose Soldat in the Fountain of Youth Stakes, a race in the Derby List Triple Crown (DLTC) and Public Handicapper contests.  Lincoln’s longshot, Fusa Code, won the Borderland Derby, also a DLTC race.


  1. One additional comment on mine. I always like to fit my drawing to the PS and in this case I”ve sketched (symbolized) part of the motor, drive-shaft and propeller.

  2. This one was a no-brainer for me when I got (but didn’t write down) the ‘low-frequency’ Grrr sound with the slap slap slap sound. The Grr sound is one I typically get for engine noise, but the slap sound was distinctly the sound water makes when it gently laps against a boat. I was thrilled.

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