Laila & Karen share ARV hits!

Laila S.:

I haven’t seen anyone share their sessions in a while so I’ll get it started.  I’m particularly proud of this one since my cumulative hit rate hovers at a little over 50%! — Posted 10/10/19 to the APP Discussion Group

Karen C:

Following Laila’s lead, I’m sharing a recent session. In it I tried a different approach: I brought myself out of meditation as I was descending into slower brain waves but before my consciousness had dropped to the slowest, at which point “I” merges into something else (or maybe disappears; not sure). With the “I” of me almost but not completely gone I did my arv session. The elements I noted for both PhotoSites were equally strong. That’s the first time that has happened. (I’ve done about six arv sessions.) I had to get my analytical mind back in operation to decide if the weight I’d given the images was truly equal. I decided on PhotoSite 2, which turned out to be the winning side, because 1) I’d gotten the sketch right even though the shape was on its side, 2) I’d written “ice age” in my AOL column, 3) I’d noted “chill” for temperature, and 4) the aesthetic impact I’d noted was a good match–“I like watching, gazing; Lonely but I like it.”–Posted 10/20/19 to the APP Discussion Group