McMoneagle to teach “Finding a Missing Person Using Remote Viewing” at APP-2016 conference

Joe McMoneagle will join us at APP-2016 in Vegas:

“Consciousness is FUNdamental
Precognition: Health-Wealth-Wisdom”

June 13th-16th



Joe will give a presentation entitled:

“Finding a Missing Person Using Remote Viewing”

Currently, Joe has worked on 28 missing people, and has found them in 14 instances.

Joe McMoneagle Wishes Applied Precognition Project Community Happy New Year!
Joe will lead an RV/ARV training-refresher workshop on the first day of the conference.
Joe, with a career spanning 34 years, has provided professional support to the Central Intelligence Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Drug Enforcement Agency, Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Customs, the National Security Council, as well as working within the Department of Defense as a remote viewer. Twenty of those years have been within paranormal operations, as viewer No. 001. Many consider him to be the greatest remote viewer in the world today. He’s uncovered many secrets, now it’s time to discover his!
Joe will join us throughout the entire conference, offering his expertise in viewing & judging as we learn about and apply precognition.
Special pricing expires January 31st!

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